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Digital marketing Trends 2019

2019 Digital Marketing Trends To Capitalise On

Despite the changing times, the sole purpose of digital marketing stays static and still revolves around crafting compelling messages to lure visitors to a site. Only the methods or channels of delivery are changing. Since digital marketing is showing no indication of slackening its pace, it would only be wise for business owners to strengthen their strategies in anticipation of attracting more customers. If you are one of them, it's time you take marketing to its next step by paying attention to the following trends.

  1. Introduction of 'Conversational' in Social Media

    Brands are learning to make the most of social media. Instead of keeping conversations one-way, they are targeting a more personal relationship, through effective listening and answering consumer queries. So as a business owner, what's anticipated from you is constant communication on social media platforms either in the comment box or through posts. Keep the response time limited to 24-48 hours. Such conversations are typically a cue on subject matters which interests target audience the most. By practising it, one can be sure of creating brand awareness and in the process gain trust and loyalty.

  2. Greater focus on Geo-Marketing

    Although geo-marketing is not a new concept, the strategy has witnessed many upgrades, in order to draw more accurate outcomes. One such way is through the introduction of new technologies like geo-fencing, which allows one to lure away rivals' clients through the creation of one's own brand awareness. However, to capitalise on the same, shifting focus to areas experiencing the greater presence of your target audience and running digital advertisements in a pre-defined space to attract mobile-users are two of the distinctive ways.

  3. Optimised Video Content To go Up The Search Engine Ranking Ladder

    The potential of videos in engaging the audience and strengthening strong emotional connection stays unchanged. As a result, in comparison to simple texts and short links, videos enjoy greater shares across the social media platform. So the focus this year shall revolve around it, with the intensive use of optimised videos to go up the search engine ranking ladder. The inclusion of keywords in URLs, title, description and the rest of the video script aids SEO, leaving behind windfalls in the form of social media engagement and a promising sales figure to reap later on.

  4. Personalised Email Marketing

    With consumers valuing personalisation more than before, it is crucial for brands to go the extra mile by designing emails catered for diverse market segments. Developing short yet impactful content, marketing only those sets of products and services which attract them and making each of these emails accessible via mobile devices are sure ways to personalisation.

  5. Integration of New Technologies

    Aimed to improve customer experience and scale up marketing strategies, two of the technologies namely Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) shall rule in 2019. While the prior promises endless possibilities in customer segmentation, click tracking and push notifications, the latter assures a better marketing strategy. So as business owners, the wisest thing would be to integrate the same and enjoy its windfalls later.

  6. Rise of Chatbots

    AI has given birth to the highly innovative chatbots, a feature replacing human staff, to hold a basic conversation with website visitors. Unlike live customer support representatives, its replies are prompt, promises a better customer experience, offers its service 24 hours a day and the entire system is cheaper than the staffed ones. So with the trend shifting to chatbots and with you standing in the digital landscape, the smartest thing would be to embrace it and finally engage your target audiences.

  7. Omnichannel Marketing

    The magic of omnichannel marketing, a strategy to offer prospects an enhanced experience through consistent communication process, is entirely different. It provides a scope of impressing clients by allowing marketers to keep track of interactions made through various channels. In the process, customers realise their value to business operators and ultimately initiates a transaction. So the key to getting ahead in the game is by engaging a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program and keeping records of client interactions, initiated and progressed through multiple channels.

  8. More investment in AdWords

    With search advertising revenue shooting up every single year, the right step to take ahead would be to spend more on AdWords. However, this should be accompanied by systematic planning and optimisation to benefit from an overwhelmingly high ROI (Return on Investment).

With the year 2019 flying by, it's time we go by the trend and instead of implementing the discussed tactics individually to generate results, executing them in a cohesive manner could fetch us outstanding outcomes.