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7 Smart Ways To Modernise Your Website According To The Latest Design Trends

Trends come and go, leaving us with opportunities to upgrade ourselves according to the latest practices. The same holds true for website designs. In order to keep it looking fresh and modern from every angle, approaching a web design company in Cork, which is well-versed in the latest trends, is necessary. After all, the motive is to engage audiences and draw their interests to your web-pages. So if you are willing to invest a nominal amount in the same, here are a few solid ways to update it. Keep reading to gain deeper insight.

  • Involve Accent Colours

    The role played by colors is in brand identification. Website visitors often associate the proprietary name or the trade name by its color palette. It's no wonder why brands nowadays are going with bolder shades! If you wish to engage your audience in this era, brighter versions of tints are advisable. Not only does it freshen up a website in case of redesigns but also makes it stand out among others as with newer ones. A superb approach to designing unique websites is by experimenting with black and white palettes as a backdrop to accent shades to generate a point of interest. However, it all comes down to your personal choice, so make it count.

  • Invest In a Minimalist Design

    Minimalism seems to have penetrated into web design as well, communicating the importance of less being more impactful. An Irish business which integrates the same into its website layout often reaps profit in the form of greater visitors to its site. Given its perks, the recommended layout is to keep it simple, space out texts and create a cleaner look, easily comprehensible for one and all.

  • Go For Micro-Interactions

    When loading a site, have you ever heard of chimes or a popping sound? Often witnessed in Twitter and other advanced sites, it adds an element of surprise in response to a small action taken by a visitor. Termed micro-interactions, such nuances often arrive as scroll notifications, with the only motive of driving interest to a loaded landing page. If you wish to incorporate the same into your site and cater to a visitor's interactive experience, approach website designers in Cork. Well-versed in the same, they shall definitely help you out in the same, in exchange for a nominal quote.

  • Stand Out With Bold Typography

    Not every web-page visitor has a strong sight or a solid intention. It's your job to communicate your business ideas and win trust through readable texts, ultimately adding to an impressive conversion rate. To reach out to them, focus on typography with legible texts so that even a layman finds it easy to comprehend and make out whatever you are trying to establish through it. Herein lies the potential of fonts, enhancing both the design and adding significant flair to a site. Optimizing it can let you stand out amidst your competitors and guarantee you all the attention you were seeking till now.

  • Integrate Eye-Catching Videos

    An abundance of texts on a site, for the sake of delivering information, might backfire. Hence, it's recommended to break the monotony with engaging, short videos spanning 2-minutes. On-the-go audiences, often find it interesting because it's a no-brainer, consumes less time yet delivers the most, which even the long passages on a website fail. If you haven't integrated such videos yet, it's time to take actions. After all, Google acknowledges the same by generating mixed results for your business, chiefly in the form of new leads and a promising exposure.

  • Thumb-Friendly Design

    With the browsing audience going from desktops to hand-held devices, it's your turn to make a shift with a thumb-friendly design for your website. Timely implementation results in navigable mobile sites, where users can easily scroll through it and click on tabs to land on a specified web-page of their interest. A word of advice would be to focus on correct positioning of site elements so that it's incredibly easy for a user to access information without stretching the thumb too far. For instance, it's always recommended to place the hamburger menu on the bottom right corner, enabling quicker browsing.

  • Optimized UX

    In the end, it all crystallizes to User Experience (UX) and anything or everything which contributes to it, ultimately promises a sound online presence to businesses. Elements such as media, navigation, necessary information or typography optimize the site, draws interest and lets you earn leads. So work on that by taking the professional assistance of a website design company in Dublin.


As you can make out, there are seven smart ways to upgrade your website in sync with the current trends. Simple in approach and full of inventiveness, it takes hardly a few hours to implement them. In fact, you may leave the hard work upon professionals and reap profits mostly in the form of valuable traffic gained from providing your Irish business with a whole new face.