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How Paid Promotion Works for YouTube Channel

Decoding YouTube Promotion: Getting the First 1000 Subscribers Fast

The way for a new YouTube Channel to reach 1000+ subscribers in the real world is not an overnight flight. It is a long road journey! It is also the first milestone for any YouTuber to reach to the identity as a YouTuber. So while you are at it, let’s plan for the inevitable and see the realistic approaches and tactics to getting the first 1k subscribers as soon as possible.

Getting Your First 1K+ YouTube Subscribers:  How Long Does It Take?

An estimation by TubeFilter suggests that it takes an average of 22 months for a channel to reach 1,000 followers on YouTube. That is, assuming the channel follows the best practices of YouTube uploads, posts quality videos and maintains good regularity.

While this math is based on a number of YouTubers and very general statistics, it leaves a lot of gaps when you look at it from an individualistic perspective. There is a very similar number of YouTubers who have gained this ground within 6 months, and there are ones who have not crossed 500 subscribers even after 24 months.

The moral of the story for new creators is not to rely on metrics based on others’ progress, views, subscriptions, and Watch Time — it is safe to say that they work differently for different people. Concentrate on quality, consistency and coherence to reach out to the target audience.

Start Taking YouTube SEO Seriously, Maybe You Should Talk to a Digital Marketing Company

If you don’t understand what SEO really means, it is Search Engine Optimisation to get you started. After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with over 37 Million active channels. And that means that for an audience to find your video and your channel is a miracle without you leveraging any YouTube SEO practices. Here are the core features you should take seriously:

  • YouTube Keyword Optimisation
  • Use Clickbait Headlines Only When Your Videos Fulfills the Commitment 
  • Promote your YouTube Channel through Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms
  • Create high-quality, engaging video promotional content with channel trailers

You might consider getting in touch with a Digital Marketing Company to give you the right measure of exposure in a proficient manner. You can also seek guidance from the experts in gaining a legitimate ground for buying YouTube subscribers and how it will work for you.

Learn to Target Your Viewers

Hitting the “subscribe” button is a very personal thing for anyone watching a YouTube video. Many viewers watch videos from a YouTube channel frequently, but won’t subscribe to the channel, but hardly watch halfway through the videos by most of the channels they are subscribed to. Strange world, isn’t it? But pretty much everyone does it.

The best way to reach your target audience is to keep it simple!

  • Learn some filmmaking fineness and improve the overall cinematic appeal of your videos with high-quality sound, picture clarity, graphics, pace and clear speech.
  • Try a sequencing framework, which will give your audience something to come back to.
  • Speak to your audience, interactively and engagingly. For example, if your YouTube video is about BitCoin trading for beginners, make a script and talk about things that beginners would readily relate to. The more comprehensive and relevant your script, the more engaging it would be.
  • While you share an idea, make the effort of visualising it instead of just talking about it. You can find ground with engaging communication, or add some interactive images, graphics and video clips to make the visuals interesting.
  • Share the link of your YouTube videos on Facebook, Quora, Twitter etc. with an attractive preview.
  • Create a Channel Trailer.
  • Collaborate with Social Media Influencers for better outreach

While all the above-mentioned strategies ring true for specific moments of progress for any YouTuber, it is based on the fact that you know what your Target Audience is. Many types of content cater to everybody, and you cannot target an audience based on age, industry domain or trend. So you have to aim for the people who would be genuinely interested in your content. For example, if you are running a YouTube audiobook series, use catchy keywords like Audiobooks in English, Classic Stories Audiobooks, Audiobooks with Subtitles etc. use information that people are looking for.

How Paid Promotion Works for YouTube Channel

If you are thinking that you can buy your way to have thousands of subscribers and millions of views, you are failing to understand how Paid Promotion works.

Do you know that bad practices of purchasing YouTube subscriptions can get your YouTube Channel banned? Buying subscribers, though not illegal on YouTube, is certainly a means of manipulating the system.

But buying subscribers is not a bad practice in itself, until and unless you have collaborated with a reputed digital marketing company that can take the responsibility of providing genuine human subscribers and not bot-created fake IDs.

The final word of advice is that you should consider taking it slow. Buy a small number of subscribers in intervals. Like genuine growth works. Don’t go from 0 to 10k overnight, until and unless you are someone like Justin Bieber, YouTube will know you are manipulating the system. Which is a bad impression for you.