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Design or Content, First? Uncovering The Right Sequence To Website Development

When developing an official website for one’s brand, one is often thrown into an order dilemma of what to finish first - design or content. After all, not every entrepreneur has advanced knowledge of operations. While designs like swirly animations, parallax scrolling, customised font styles and size cast its magic on site visitors; creative yet SEO-friendly content hooks them to it. So, you simply cannot underestimate any of them for both demands equal emphasis. Coming to the question of the correct sequence, let’s take a look into three situations to uncover what’s optimal for website development.


So, what if you start with a design in mind? This would mean instructing content writers to hold on until the website design is complete. Meanwhile, designers would pour in their creativity into the blank canvas. Sure, it would be alluring enough to pull visitors to your site but wouldn't capture their attention for long, forget about conversion. After all, content is king and in a situation where designers leave insufficient space for writers to fill in, the very motive of communicating your message to visitors stays unfulfilled. Alternatively, if you choose to fit the content forcefully into space, you might end up ruining the artsy filters, miscellaneous design elements and blank spaces, spelling losses for a brand.


This approach requires content writers to chalk out a structure first and share it with the website designing team. Based on that, the design is crafted to complement the write-up. This way, not only do designers grab an understanding of where to put a limit on and save expenses from overrunning but also they are saved them from blindly working on something, which wouldn't fetch much of results. This approach, to be honest, is best for developing the brand identity and showing it off to others.

Design & Content Working Together in Harmony

Out of scepticism, businesses are often found involving both designers and content writers to work together. This sort of interdependence is ideal for making the very concept of creating a website count. If, for instance, brands wish to bring to attention certain text on the website, they may suggest designers make slight adjustments to design for little distraction. Contrarily, if a certain phrase is inadequate for the design part, brands can instruct writers to adjust the word count accordingly. And, as and when your business grows, your website too can build up to better reflect your ideals and philosophy.

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The ideal way to progress is by instructing a website design and development agency to work on a content-first approach and later involve both designers and content writers to work in harmony. This way, you can create a website, which draws the attention of visitors with its alluring design and hooks them to it with inspiring text. Outcome? More conversions on the way!