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Experiencing The Google Ads Grant Program For Irish Non-Profit Organisations

Google Ads is the world's primary paid online advertising platform. Used by businesses at large, the ad spaces are paid for, so that the linked website may appear above the free of cost organic Google search results, making the "search ranking" process faster, much like how VIP Passes work. The technology makes up for a vital SEO step that often also helps improve organic PageRank.

Google Ad has introduced a highly beneficial grant program for non-profit and charitable organizations giving them a chance to use this platform to run Google Advertisements for varied causes, reach out to a wider audience and fundraise. The otherwise paid service is offered for free, with Google Ad space worth up to $10,000.

Looking out for Irish Charities and Non-Profit causes, the service is a highly relevant and powerful resource for single-person initiatives, students projects, endeavors by locals, or just about a small group of people that are out and about raising critical social or environmental concerns and could use a helping hand. Here is all you need to know about applying for and availing the grant.

What Makes An Irish Charity/NGO Eligible For The Google Ad Grant?

The process and eligibility criteria for getting this grant are quite straightforward. It is reserved for Non-Government and Not-For-Profit organizations and causes. Just like the Google Pagerank technology, the grant program also profusely works towards selecting the most deserving charity to be at the top. Below are some pointers.

The foremost criteria for a charity organization to avail the grant are to adhere to the "Google Ad Grant website policy", and the advertiser must be the owner of the website that the leads are generated too, or just be legally authorized to do it.

The charity organization must be registered with the Google for Nonprofits as well as a state authority that is identified by Google— for Irish charities, the authority to go for is Charity Regulator, which issues unique RCN and CHY numbers for each organization.

Your ad content as well the cause must meet the quality standards of Google, so as to be the most impactful and crucial causes, be on top, especially those that need immediate attention.

How It Works

The grant application procedure works in the same fashion as Google Ads. Only textual content goes into it, and images or videos are not an option for this particular promotion.

Initially, there was a cap on the cost-per-click (CPC) value of a maximum of €2 for the Google Ad Grants for each targeted keyword. But since this system resulted in reduced exposure to high-value keywords, the CPC cap was lifted after 1st January 2018, along with some new set of rules.

Moreover, landing the grant is only the beginning of the journey, for the bearer has must ensure maintaining the quality standards in order to continue with the program in the long run. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful when running the campaign, because even if the Ads come free, the system of ranking doesn't change.

There are prohibitions on certain keywords, and the use of language that must be adhered to. The system sometimes affects the use of single-word keywords, so you need to design the campaign accordingly. Typically, certain generic keywords and phrases like "today's news" or "things to do" are often penalized.

A Good Way To Start

If you are determined to have a better future for your cause, then the first step towards winning this grant is to have a plan beforehand. There are ample resources given at the Google Ad Grant website for campaigners to research about. Create a blueprint of the advertising campaign before you apply for the grant. And go steady with it, taking one step at a time.

You may contact us to help you prepare for the grant, and empower your noble cause.