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Business Impact for COVID-19

How Can Businesses Combat The COVID-19 Impact? Turn to Digital Marketing

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rattling the global economy and disrupting supply chains, organisations across every industry are gradually confronting a stark reality: businesses worldwide will not go on as usual. Cities across the world are in lockdown and many businesses have already been impacted.

Are you wondering how to ensure your business survives the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak or the widespread isolation? Seeking professional digital marketing services can be an informed business decision during this time of crisis.

No matter whether you're a family-run law firm, a landscaping company or a small retail shop, every business is likely to suffer revenue losses in the next few months. However, you need to keep calm under difficult situations like this. By staying proactive now, you can take your business in a more secure position as well as recover quickly once the crisis subsides.

Here're a few key strategies to help your business for a faster recovery. 5 Ways Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing Services To Recover From The Coronavirus Outbreak
  1. Do A Mini-Audit Of Your Content Assets

    Performing a full-blown content audit takes great expertise and time. But with a mini-audit, you can do several things during this slow period for enhancing your content performance. Create a new Excel sheet or Google sheet and maintain one tab for each type of content – web pages, blog posts, emails, infographics, videos, presentations, articles published externally, etc. Evaluate each content type with a critical eye to find out which content gets the most traffic on-site, gets the most shares and backlinks.

  2. Plan Webinars

    Why not try out the webinar game and keep your business thriving during this difficult time? An effective marketing tactic, webinars are increasingly used as a visual, interactive form of content marketing. In fact, a majority of B2B marketing teams make webinars a crucial part of their content marketing strategy. For example, you can introduce new products to your customer base or inspire seasonal bookings for later part of the year.

  3. Update Your Google My Business Profile

    Have you been taking special precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus? Are you operating your business n special hours nowadays? Google wants every local business to keep their customers updated so that they know what's changed. Ensure you update your business descriptions and working hours. Also, share Google posts with updates and ensure your contact information is accurate so that people can reach you easily whenever they wish to contact.

  4. Use Social Media Channels To Outreach

    Seeking expert digital marketing services is important to reach social media channels. Whether or not you should reach out to your customer during this crisis depends completely on your kind of business. Also, it depends on your current relationship with customers and the determination of communication. If your customers are used to hearing from you regularly by SMS, email or social media, don't let such a relationship drop off. Creating an effective social media plan is important since platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the places where people exchange views about different businesses. So, using social media channels is a great way to outreach customers.

  5. Get To Know Your Customers Better

    Make the most of this time by going through your analytics and lead/sales data. This will help you know more about your customers. What do you know about the prospects who didn't choose you or about the people near your business who didn't shop with you? Carefully check the analytics data to find out if what you had missed in the past. Compare various online and offline trends and determine what is it that you earlier didn't have the time to do.

Final Words:

In the wake of the coronavirus, seeking digital marketing services can give you an advantage towards the competitors, thus enabling you to continue running your business. Keep yourself, your employees and loved ones happy and safe.