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How Live Chat Support Lets eCommerce Websites Reap Benefits

Statistics report a conversion rate of 1-2% in eCommerce websites. This indicates that out of 100 potential visitors turning up at your webshop, at least two shall convert to regular customers. Now it’s better not to compare the same statistics to a brick-and-mortar store, as it might sound a little disappointing. But the scene is entirely different in eCommerce platforms, given the interplay of different laws here. In fact, it’s positive news!

To ensure the same or aim for an even better conversion rate, don’t you think you need to put in a lot more effort than before? And, if it entails you to add that human touch, go for it, as live chat holds countless benefits in the business world.

Here’s Why Every Online Retailer Should Integrate Live Chat Software Into Their Website Helps Seek Voice Of Customer Data

VOC, alternatively Voice of Customer might sound like technical jargon but is, in reality, an enriched data indicating the activities of customers on site. Live chat support helps fetch the same by highlighting on the duration of one’s visit, the areas one accessed the most and the time taken on each of those parts. In short, it reveals a lot about an online retailer’s strengths and those which needs to be worked on.

It's The Essence Of A Strong Customer Relationship

Just as in brick-and-mortar stores, people tend to make purchases from known ones, the same goes true in the digital sphere. The only difference here is that it takes ample time to build up a connection in a single chat session. In the presence of a solid eCommerce customer support, it hardly takes a few interactions for the bonding to thrive. By eliciting contact information from them, online retailers can keep them updated on newly launched products. The same holds true for repeat customers, motivating them to come back again and again. In the process, confidence on eCommerce websites grow and the bond shared between an online retailer and its customers strengthen.

Influences Customer Satisfaction To A Large Extent

A robust online shopping experience is often governed by the response time taken by a customer representative to resolve product-related doubts in mind. Now imagine, writing out a query to a representative and awaiting a response to your email for a few hours? Obviously, the delay would kill your curiosity. This indicates the urgency of developing a live chat software into the window, capable of answering in real-time. Successful integration of the same promises nothing but positive outcomes in terms of customer satisfaction.

Lets Online Retailers Collect Priceless Feed-Backs From Their Most Valued Customers

Filling out surveys is more of a tedious job for customers. Gathering feedback over the phone, on the contrary, might just bore your target audience to death. But a live chat tool with a friendly support agent on the other side of the eCommerce site can actually help businesses draw valuable feedback about their products or services in the least possible time-frame. Moreover, it’s an efficient way to extract the same from multiple customers, all at the same time. In the end, businesses are left with suggestions on areas of improvement, urging them to work hard on the same.

Acts As A Conversion Booster

Live chat support plays the role of a sales assistant in a digital store, guiding customers through purchases and gathering valuable information on their likes and dislikes. Based on that, an eCommerce site can actually tailor their website by revising offers and including additional products online. Moreover, it wins over the trust of visitors and transforms them into repeat customers through constant interaction and get-to-know.

Proves Relatively Cost-Effective

The proverb ‘time is money’ really makes sense and nothing portrays it better than an eCommerce website lacking live chat support. In the absence of the same, online retailers have to rely on email services for interactions, thereby slowing down the process in general and increasing the expenses in particular. But with live chat support, businesses owning eCommerce websites can cut down cost significantly and interact with more than one customer at the same time.


The benefits mentioned here are just a limited few. How about incorporating the same into your online retail store and watch it payback galore.