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How To Drive Sales Using Social Media in 2019

Social media is becoming more important. What was once a simple platform for people to connect with others and make pals, has now turned out to be a powerful business tool for entrepreneurs, all around the world. Recent survey reports (updated in 2019) claim that 78% of adults in Ireland are on Facebook. This figure has improved slightly as compared to the percentage recorded in the previous year, which was 71%. Business prospects are quite high for entrepreneurs planning to conduct marketing across the same platform. With so many channels out there, it isn't wise to spin the wheel of fortune, rather follow some guidelines to drive sales. To all those who have landed on this web blog, in search of a few tips and tricks, we welcome you to 5 noteworthy guidelines, aiming to help you achieve success online.

Tips & Tricks To Keep in Mind When Investing in Social Channels For Promotions

The wait is over now. Listed down are the guidelines to make social media count towards successful promotions.

  • Discover The Most Used Social Media Channel
    The first step is to analyse your target audience and determine where they spend most of their time in. For instance, you could study the demographic and find what's common among them. The basic idea is to observe a few platforms and seek information on your current and potential buyers.In the process, try to keep a few things in mind. If you narrow down to the millennial, the focus should be on Snapchat or Instagram. However, don't stay under the impression that age would be the sole indicator of buying trends. It's necessary to check whether they are exhibiting the same behaviour in their preferred channels. If you manage to come across such an audience with the same mindset then your sales figures are likely to soar.
  • Restrain From Creating Pushy Content
    Digital marketing is all about engaging audience and with the current ones turning all savvy, content quality has earned an edge over quantity. So instead of bombarding social media with random posts, take time creating thoughtful ones that would not appear too pushy. It should be powerful enough to make readers give it a second thought and influence them to become a customer. Forward tips and tricks on how to use your product through attractive videos and creative images. You can also borrow ideas from real-life situations or post pictures showing happy clients and how content they are with your products/services.
  • Introduce Shopping Experience On Social Channels
    This has already started on Pinterest and Instagram. While the prior ensures a seamless shopping experience through 'buyable pins' that let you add a product to your bag without leaving Pinterest, the latter does the same via 'shoppable posts' or 'shoppable tags' witnessed in Instagram stories. By now, you must have gained sufficient information on how such channels are gradually turning into social eCommerce. Being a business owner, you need to take advantage of the same and proceed.
  • Make Your Instagram Account Business-Ready To Generate Leads
    It's good to have Instagram followers but they need to convert into sales. So, the effective way out is to include in your profile bio, information about you and reasons why visitors should take an interest in your products/services. It should also be connected to a lead-generating page. Apart from that, ensure there's CTA (Call To Action) attached to your organic posts and shared Instagram stories.
  • Invest in Paid Ads
    Almost every social media channel allows businesses to advertise their products/services. Take, for instance, the case of Facebook as a platform. The targeting tools present on it are a big reason why campaigns run on the same channel achieve success easily. While organic reach is undoubtedly important but it alone won't count towards a convinced audience. This is where paid ads creep in, helping businesses attain either more click-through or earn a positive impression.
Instead of relying on the mentioned ones, it's wise to look for other ways by exploring channels like LinkedIn etc. Regardless of your chosen social platform, ensure there's no barrier encountered by visitors in connecting with your business.