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Digital Marketing Frameworks

Introducing Diversity To Digital Marketing Frameworks

Digital Marketing strategists would readily suggest a series of SEO, SMM and SMO actions, for organic search ranking, with a little bit of PPC, FB Ads and other means of paid advertising to speed up the process. The whole thing is run by bulk production of quality, semantic content including textual, images and video content.

It may look like there is so much to give, but it's still one dimension! You can actually create an entire ecosystem around digital marketing, leveraging the same old tools, techniques, and timelines.

It doesn’t have to cost too much or take too much of your time.

Look Beyond SEO and SMO, Towards A Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Digital Marketing is all about promoting an enterprise. It is fundamentally pointed towards promoting a brand, but that doesn't have to be focused on the search engines and social media platforms. There are other channels to explore as well, including web applications, web experience, mobile applications, and mobile sites, and much more.

Digital Marketing is no longer a background score, enhancing your web presence, it is very much about the front-end user experience as well. Here's an insight;

Web Design For SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO websites have been a popular choice for enterprises looking to start with a bang. These websites are created around the SEO framework, implementing typical features like heavy set On-Page SEO, high-speed loading, high-quality links, neat codes of W3C Standards, super crisp semantic content and enriched keywords. It seems like a gourmet concoction.

The fact that your users can see, listen and experience different content, there is no point sticking to just keyword enriched textual content. Let there be lights, sounds, and actions too! Other elements on a website also influence the authority and expertise of your digital presence.

That includes:

  • Dynamic And Feather-Touch Navigation and for the user to be able to find a tab for every little bit of function, including filter options, separate sections for promotions and deals while having lightning-fast speed and smooth navigation, of source your website visitors should be able to redirect to the home page from anywhere and go up to the top with a click of the finger.
  • AI Mechanised Search Tabs that predicts what the user is going to search for and brings out the most relevant choices.
  • Minimalist Layouts are easier to process and believe it or not, it is more inviting for the user to see the inner pages of your site than putting all on the home page. Try that, it works!

Beyond The Browser

Content is definitely King, but it still heavily dependent on textual content and browser-based activities. Look outside of it. Go for video promotions, have video ads on popular mobile games, take the best shot at online quizzes and fun social media activity. Have your own mobile app if you are engaged in online sales.

Understanding Influencer Marketing

This is not about viral videos, but influencer marketing is something that is not bent of "coaxing" the client into you buying your stuff, but a fundamental rule of putting the viewers; values first, without an agenda as such. Take influential videos, live coverage of global issues, happy stories of customers, and other elements that don't necessarily have to be relevant about your brand or product, but will showcase you as an entity that is capable of moral values.

United Nation Of Marketers

Do you have a separate marketing team along with a digital marketing team, that works separately and only meets collaborate for lunch and office events? Great! But why? Why have two separate workforces represent two of your public images separately? It's a good time to unite all your marketing endeavors under one department and sync the variables. Cover your events with stylish and concise social media coverage, publish press releases on your own blog page, host webinars and have consistency. You don't need too many things happening at different directions, you can have a cohesive marketing agenda with mixology of diverse online.