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Latest SEO Trends Start-Ups Should Integrate in 2019

So you are setting up a business in Dublin. Like every start-up or a new entrant, one is expected to take measured steps to get it going. However, let's not get carried away by the last thought, rather consider a checklist of things starting from coming up with an idea for a service/product, brainstorming a name, creating a corporation, raising up capital for your venture and even building up a website. But wait, it's not over yet! There's something more which you might be missing out and that's customers. Without SEO, one can hardly fetch them.

Understanding SEO

An acronym of Search Engine Optimisation, it's a set of strategies undertaken by professional digital marketing companies to improve your website's ranking across every search engine and gradually draw maximum website traffic to your landing page. After all, the bottom line is to experience increased conversions through the publishing of relevant content unique to its subject. However, let's just cut short the definition and move over to the latest trends surfacing up in SEO services witnessed not just in Dublin but all across the world.

  Game-Changing SEO Trends One Should Watch Out For in 2019

Simply hiring an SEO agency in Dublin won't fetch you results, until and unless of course, it's aware of the latest trends and implements the same to your website. So here's a list of current trends likely to dominate in 2019:

  • Voice Search SEO

In a voice-driven search space, SEO shall no longer be the same. Forbes predicts voice search SEO to take centre-stage so if the digital marketing company, the services of which you are hiring at present, already includes the best practices then stay calm because your site is in good hands and in the best shape to include voice search SEO.

Apart from this, a gradual shift to long-tail keywords or conversational words, which enjoys better click-through rates and proves cheaper, shall take place. Therefore, your hired agency should focus on it more to acquire quality traffic to your site.

  • Engaging Content Of Highest Relevance

The secret to a high ranking website is engaging content, which seamlessly meets user intent and knocks them off their feet. So don't stay under the impression that the length of content shall bring you up to the first page, it's sheer depth and quality which shall act as the key determiners of Google ranking.

  • Google's Mobile-First Indexing To Test Mobile-Friendliness

With the world switching to hand-held devices from desktops, it's incredibly important for a website to develop its mobile version in order to rank better on search engines. The same is supported by Statistica 2018 reports, claiming a 52.2% traffic generated from mobile devices and indicating the preferences of customers at present. So in sync with the latest trend, websites should incorporate it at first hand to realise the benefits later.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) Implying Better User Experience

While the relevance of content, discussed before, still holds the same level of importance, another aspect which shall accompany it would be the mobile page speed. Aimed to offer users a better experience, such a feature would only load a page 30 times quicker than before. So in 2019, another factor's going to determine the ranking of a site and it's none other than AMP!

  • Video SEO Strategy

With video advertisements running on websites, one is obviously inquisitive on what's going on. Well, it's a promotional technique to draw traffic to a site or create awareness about a product or service. Adopted by businesses lately, it's also a way to incorporate SEO and optimise your created video so that it ranks better on search engine results page.


Like every other thing, starting from mobile app design to web development trends, SEO too shall witness astonishing changes. So if you are starting off your new business, make sure you hire SEO services in Dublin from an agency which is well-versed in the current trends and willing to embrace it all to improve the user experience of your site. Best wishes from our team!