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Let’s Talk about Beacon Technology (the technology Irish mobile app development companies are using at large)

What started as a cool method of extending brand outreach and proliferate user retention to drive more and more sales, has become one of the more indispensable utilities for businesses and consumers alike - that is what a Mobile Application is accredited with. Now, generally, people presume Mobile Applications to be related to online shopping, communication, or gaming and the likes. But for such a dynamic technology it is vain to draw a finite spectrum. Because soon you will have mobile applications to be capable of sensing, prioritising and streamlining location-based searches with a human-like precision, with easier interaction and more accurate results - something you have never experienced before.

I am not talking about GPS or Wifi, but Beacon Technology - that is among the hottest new Mobile App Development trends for 2021. Here's all you need to know about it!

What Is Beacon Technology and How Does it Work?

Imagine you are in need of medical attention in a foreign country and the options in your hotel are either too expensive or don't serve your purpose! So without a worry, you can turn to a mobile application directing you towards not only the "best" but the most "ideal" medical stores or pharmacies or doctors, with a price list and other essential details.

That's what a "Bluetooth Beacon" can do for you. But chances are you still don't know what it is and where to get it!

The Beacon Technology applies to this tiny little gadget called Bluetooth Beacons - this is a type of wireless transmitter, that utilises Bluetooth low energy (LE) to send and receive signals from nearby devices like mobiles, smart watches, tablets etc. If you want to know how a Bluetooth Beacon looks like, the foremost example is Apple's iBeacon module, but other than that, it is also available in many other forms of coin cells and USB sticks and dongles. All you have to do is buy one and wirelessly connect it to your phone or other smart devices. The inbuilt transmitter in this gadget sends out powerful radio waves that can easily penetrate through walls and pillars, connecting your device with a Beacon Zone.

So if you ever ought to be on your own, looking for a brick-and-mortar destination, but don't quite know where to look, your shining beacon can guide you through! This is the new innovation in location technology that features lucrative opportunities for Proximity Marketing.

For us being an Innovation loving Mobile App Development Company that has seen the highs and lows of proximity marketing, it is safe to say that iBeacons have the power to transform the way location searches work in the ground level with its distinct qualities of infinite range, and easy accessibility. On top of all this, it is based on user consent, so there is lot more security than other location search technologies. However, all that doesn't make it flawless since this kind of technology still needs a lot of battery power and is not invincible to atmospheric impacts. You'd still have to face poor signals on a stormy day!

Business Prospects of Beacon Technology for Normal Businesses

Even though mobile app developers and marketers have been aware of this kind of technology for years now, it is still at a developmental stage from a business standpoint.

There are many beacon zones including museums, cafes, restaurants and healthcare institutions across the world. But most people have not yet heard of this kind of a thing, so the user base is very low to bring it to a level of a business prospect.

But given the fact that it serves up well for an increased demand for high-precision location searches, it is only a matter of time for Beacon Technology to not only sell like a hot cake for mobile app development companies but also bring greater outreach for brick-and-mortar businesses big or small, and bring plenty of convenience for people looking for them. So get ready for the next-level location-based retail marketing in 2021!