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Mobile App Design Trends: 5 Changes That Are Likely To Hit Apps In 2019

Graphic and web design has always been an inspiration for mobile app designers, but what is likely to shape the future would be a seamless UX (User Experience). Like every year, this year too will see changes in mobile apps, with few designs shaping up into a timeless concept while others fading out from the existing trend. Therefore, for an app design company in Cork, designers and developers need to be vigilant and ready to adapt. Let's just cut short the discussion on the after-effects or how individuals skilled in mobile app development could brace up for the game, and check out the trends projected for this year.

Integration of NX to Offer a Humanised Design

The next big thing predicted for the year 2019, apart from the interactive design is the incorporation of NX, an abbreviation of Natural Experience. Though a new and difficult concept for app designers, NX is committed to creating a future-proof app. This can be through the initiation of human-to-human interaction, finger print-come-facial recognition and humanisation of text. An exemplary case refers to the drawing of hearts to communicate and register like for something. In this context, tools like Adobe XD would enjoy all the attention for readily infusing natural user experiences to mobile apps.

  Use of Bolder Colours for Better Designs

Although such a concept is nothing new to veterans in the app design field, the same is expected to enjoy greater prominence in 2019. With duotones, vibrant shades and vivid gradients replacing calm colour schemes, not just in backdrops, but throughout the app, end-users shall now experience improvisations and imagination-fuelling graphics more often. Apart from these, duotones or tonal shading would also surface up more in iconography, catering to admirers of minimalism.

Minimalism Shall Reign The App Design Trend

Apps, carved to meet the bare minimum and uncomplicated navigational requirements of modern-day customers, shall be gaining traction in 2019. However, this doesn't indicate something stark simple as it will gradually lose its purpose, which is simply to draw the attention of customers and convince them into downloading your business app. In short, those apps which have their basics right, such as contrast, organisation, typography, ghost buttons and negative space, shall see light.

The Proliferation of Semi-flat Designs

A new thing which would soon be taking shape is semi-flat design. Unlike flat ones, its counterpart in bringing visual maturity, these intend to generate gradient shadows, a three-dimensional thing contributing to responsive animations.

Replacement of Hamburger Menus With Priority+ and Tab Menus

With screen sizes broadening, it is increasingly becoming difficult for users to reach the top-left corner of one's hand-held device. This is where reactive Priority+ menus and tab menus are coming to the rescue. Ideal for every screen size, appearing at the bottom of an app, such features are a significant relief from thumb cramps.

Contradictory Trends: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

The projected trend is a little confusing since on one end, it highlights the progression of minimalism through simple tab menus and a focus on more semi-flat design, whereas on the other end, the scene picturised is the exact opposite. A blend of vivid gradients and humanised design hints at an artistic experience. All of it only suggests the presence of three different types of people in the world- the minimalists, the eccentrics and the capricious, the last one indicating the sudden change of interests of individuals within a very short time. Although such contradictory trends in mobile app design and development won't pose a problem to them, it sure would turn out to be a little challenging for the mobile app development world in Dublin. There will always be an urge amongst them to switch to different styles and please users with creativity and innovation.


For people working in the Android and iOS app development industry, it will surely be a game changer, only if they succeed in incorporating the latest trends into business apps. Those at Plus Promotions, a gifted team of professionals based in Ireland, who are all set to take up new challenges only to see a smile on your face, it will only bring opportunities. So if you are leading a business and enthusiastic enough to introduce an innovative app in the market, aimed to shoot up your sales volume, hiring app design team at Plus Promotions, could only bring you prolific returns.