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Custom Website Development

Understanding Custom Web Development and When Should You Choose It

Here at Plus Promotions we keep on saying that we offer “Bespoke Web Development Solutions” We have clients come to us with high hopes of having a new and unique website, and we can assure you we deliver just that!

But as we go around planning the site, choosing themes, personalising the UX/UI and finally, the site goes live on the internet, many of our clients carry on thinking that is what a “Custom Website” is all about!

So here’s an eye-opener for you: Custom Website means starting a website from scratch. Designing, blueprinting and coding from scratch. So if you have a WordPress, Weebly or Magento site, and your developer used one of those “customisable” readymade themes to put together a unique looking, responsive, SEO-functioning website, it is NOT a custom website, it is a personalised theme-based website.

To break it down for you, here is a detailed explanation about Custom Web Development Services, what it entails and why you should or should not invest in them!

What is a Custom Website and What are the Core Benefits?

In the simplest sense, a Custom Website is ‘One of Kind’ or ‘Nothing like you’ve seen before’! When you enter the Web Designing and Development phase, after purchasing a domain and hosting, a Custom Website starts by NOT looking at the available themes and templates provided by website platforms like WordPress or Magento! Instead, it starts with a pen and paper!

Web Designers and coders in a Web Development Agency like Plus Promotions would get together on a brainstorming session to merge graphical layouts with backend codes to justify core objectives of innovation and even disruption if required. We will go the distance to fulfil the client’s unique vision of a Workflow and Customer Lifecycle.

This kind of custom designing addresses features and functions that are unusual and cannot be justified with ready-to-use templates.

  • Unique Design

There are no limitations owing to Custom Web Design and since it is built in collaboration with coders, there is little room for unrealistic expectations. As a website owner, you would have total control over the Design, Functionality and Optimisation of your site. Think beyond custom graphics - you can also enjoy animation, doodles, games, special buttons and icons that represent a Magical World!

  • Innovative Functionality - Free From Plugins and Extensions

The core feature of Custom Coding is that it is not tied to plugins, extensions or any other “third-party” software, so it reduces your obligations and frees your site from common technical glitches. The result is better functionality, speed and uptime.

  • More Control Over SEO

Furthermore, Custom Websites also get more privy to SEO and Digital Marketing standards with dynamic advantages.

So whether you are looking for a Responsive Site, SEO Site, eCommerce Site, B2B Site, Mobile Site or just about any other type, a custom website can accommodate all these features, or choose select features to form a cohesive framework!

Why Do You Need a Custom Web Development?

For example, if you are looking to sell products through your website, you may choose an eCommerce website template for B2C or B2B functions. Simple!

But what if you are looking to add more dynamic and disruptive elements to your eCommerce site? New ways of interacting with customers, new functions to streamline local and international orders, one platform that serves different needs with virtual visualisation…OR have live tracking and have one-tap customer support, social media integration and so on.

Nowadays, with intelligent Custom Web Development, even small-scale startups can realistically have such powers to fuel disruptive business ideas! It helps you stand out on highly competitive grounds, and gives you more scope of Brand Establishment.

Are There Any Downsides of Custom Web Development?

Custom Websites are downright expensive. And much like Rome, Custom Websites too, cannot be built in a day; it may take several months and up to 3 years to go live! This is because the main agenda for customising is to accommodate stark complexities and present it as something very simple to its clients and users.

It is not always big objectives, but unusual ideas that usually makes Custom Development a highly complex project from the coding and programming perspective.

For further understanding about custom web development, and to discuss your business objectives, you may consult with us at Plus Promotions Website Development Company in Cork. Would you like a precise cost calculation based on your needs, and/or a definite project outline to know how much time your project may take to finalise? If so, get in touch with us today. Speak to experts about the dos and don’ts of custom development!