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Where Can I Get a Logo Designed

You can find a logo designer at a stone’s throw from anywhere on the planet. However, your “search” for the ideal provider of a unique and justified business logo, needs “research”.  “Why?” you may ask, and that is what takes you here, to read this blog. So here goes, the ideal places as well as ways to find yourself the ideal logo designer in your location, and within your budget.

Importance of Logo

You may not realize that you happen to know of certain brands more familiarly by their logos— Apple, Twitter, Lacoste or World Wide Fund for Nature. You may think that you don’t belong to this league of world leading multinational organizations, and so what’s the importance of a logo for a small or startup organization!

Just as branding is important, a company logo does play a pivotal role in expressing the identity of that brand. This is especially noteworthy for small companies and startups for growth and outreach. Where brand names, or company statures can be similar or same, your logo can be unique, setting you apart. Moreover, you don’t intend to stick to being a startup or small company forever. Having a logo is a step towards that ambition.

Searching For The Logo Designer— Best Places In Ireland

Coming back to the point of the million dollar question: “where can I get my logo designed”, here are the best places to look.

  • Fiverr and Upwork — Digital Market Places

If a logo is all you want, then better go for a single person. Fiverr and Upwork are decent places to find hundreds of sincere freelance designers. But this one takes a long process of signing up and maintaining the account.

  • Startup Companies

A startup company might as well be a single freelancer presenting himself/herself as an established company. Startups usually offer the best prices, or at least the flexible scope of negotiation.

  • Reputed Agencies

This is the most easy to find and trust option. Use the search engines to find a logo designing agency in Ireland, and refer to the results based on reviews, case studies and overall standard.

Understand Profiles of Logo Designers

Typically, logo designing should be one of the many services a designer would provide, including website designing, graphics and animation. Stick to the agenda of “simplicity is best”. It’s a good thing that the designer has done multiple projects, has avid knowledge and qualifications. Look for attributes like “experience”, “client testimonials”, “work samples” or probably any awards or recognitions. But their style of arranging these attributes is a surefire sample of their attitude. Just like the simple yet powerful impact of a logo, such would be the attitude of a logo designer as well. Watch out for fake designs or face client testimonials.

How Big the Prices of Logo Design Should Be

A logo might seem to be a tiny piece of “object”. But that object can cost hundreds, thousands and even millions. You will be enthralled to know of the most expensive logos of all time, includes the likes of Accenture, BBC and Pepsi.

Don’t be afraid to specify your price. But be careful not to bombard with demands onto the base price. Be reasonable when you expect the reasonable. In the realistic market of Ireland, a logo design price may start from £50, or less, but can go up at any height. Instead of looking for the cheapest price, look for the best service. The steps below can make your job easier

Step 1: Start with “I want this”. Sometimes it happens that you don’t know what you want. Yes, this is about a logo. But you, being totally out of the league, still don’t understand why you need it after all. In that case, start with the “why of the matter”. And let’s avoid the consequence, when you are doing it because your competitors have done it.

Step 2:  Free Quotes. Knowing what you want also includes knowing what you can afford. So once you have a positive idea of what you want, then start approaching your shortlisted designers with your enquiry. And this correspondence should come at free of cost, or as much money it takes to send an email, or make a phone call.

Step 3:  “I want this, what you have to offer”. Now that you know what you want, always keep some options open to hear what a dedicated designer has to opine. They can any day pack your logo, whatever you asked for, and get it done with. In the current era, where time is money, if your designer is giving you that time for free, to discuss the logo, or suggests you variations, take it as an opportunity and listen to them.

A Final Word of Advice

You can any day, decide that “I will design my business logo myself” and nothing is better than that. But sometimes, professional logo designers indeed know best, and justify a reason for making a career out it.