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Why Need a Social Media Consultant for Your Startup

Startups have many challenges to face in terms of a business establishment on competitive grounds, but the one advantage startup owners have over established entrepreneurs is the freshness of a lean administrative structure, and the agility to take more innovative and risky steps without fearing a major setback.

Now, coming to the point of how important is a social media presence for startups, expert social media consultant, Dylan Holland of Plus Promotions believes that it is even more crucial than your website.

Whether you are trying to launch a disruptive innovation, a small firm or a local store, the greater attention of the target audience is achieved via social media platforms. Today, over 60% of firms across the world want to boost their Instagram marketing expenses, while over 50% intend to do the same for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The reason? We’ll tell you all about it in this blog.

Social Media Companies Impart Plans and Strategies That Work and Bring Positive ROI

Anyone can create a social media account for business purposes, be it Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. But not everyone has the skill or logic to become a successful Instagrammer and attract the buyer’s attention. No matter how many friends and family members the entrepreneur has to grow the number of followers or subscribers, without real quality leads it would hardly mean anything for the business. So here’s what a social media professional can do for the cause:

  • A professional consultant takes the onus of planning and strategizing your social media campaign, focused on attracting more buyers.
  • A professional would have the critical knowledge of industries and how to promote them on a social scale
  • They’d be more adept in producing more engaging content for brand promotion, fine graphics, videos, text and all the rest.
  • Professionals would also take care of little aspects like choosing the right hashtags, seeing what others are saying about comparable products and services to yours
  • You can also get Online Reputation Management (ORM) services to address and manage client feedback, answer queries, resolve complaints and communicate in a way that makes them like your brand and build a rapport.
  • Professionals can give their time to analyze what others have posted on social media that can help channel your social media campaign. They will be able to see exactly what your rivals are saying. This might provide you with a strategic advantage.

All these things are meant to generate business from social media and establish your startup as a brand that can be trusted. Taking it at face value, and going it alone can result in missing your chance to have a polished and sophisticated social media presence from the start.

Reach Out to Your Target Audience Even if They Search for Your Products or Services

The biggest advantage of hiring a Social Media Agency for your startup is to reach out to your target audience even if they search for your products or services. People are always on the lookout for new products and services that can be of help to them, but they might now know the name of the product, especially when it is an innovative one. With a strategic approach, a social media agency can orchestrate the staging of such a brand with a more confident and stark value system. Entrepreneurs can always do it on their own, but there is always this risk of scattering the values since they have to focus on growing the business as well.

Agency vs. Freelancers: Cost-Effective Brand Promotion That Always Works

A leading social media marketing agency like Plus Promotions, would particularly see to the cost-competitive factor and bring you maximum ROI. Most of the time, freelance professionals offer a lower price than what agencies would offer. But the higher price also comes with the assurance of longevity and sustainability. While working with freelancers may be cheaper for a startup, and also substantial to some extent, there is hardly nothing you can do if the freelancer fails to deliver work on time, or falls sick. In this case, an agency can assure the role of consistency without you having to worry about any plan B while your social media manager is absent!

There are several aspects to choosing a social media expert for your startup. There is no singular idea that works for everyone. Get a personalised insight by speaking with Dylan Holland, an expert social media consultant and make certain that you make a conscious decision based on your business needs, rather than what solely fits your budget.