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Motion Graphics In Branding And Marketing

Why Should Businesses Use Motion Graphics In Branding And Marketing?

Attention, graphics, and videos are the most engaging mediums you can use to catch the attention of an audience, create brand awareness, and communicate brand messages conveniently. Looking to create interesting content that resonates with consumers and helps them feel connected? Motion graphics can be a powerful tool for your branding and marketing.

No matter whether you’re introducing your company to the world or launching a new product, motion graphics are a definite way to delight customers. Check out below to know more.

With competition among companies at an all-time high, the need to stand out is essential. Presenting your brand and its marketing strategy creatively to engage the target audience is the key to grabbing their attention. Businesses of every size need an edge to put themselves above the competition and motion graphics can just be the perfect edge for you. Motion graphics can add depth to any brand story and when perfectly merged with effective music and copy, it can deliver the perfect branding message.

Wondering what motion graphics are and what makes them useful for businesses? Read on.

Motion Graphics: Explained

Motion graphics are a specific type of animation that uses graphics, text, colour, and movement for creating visually appealing video content. Generally, motion graphics are used for videos that don’t have a strong narrative and don’t feature characters. Motion graphics are often used for product animation videos, logo animations, and explainer videos.

For several decades, motion graphics have been used by top brands across industries. It is a highly effective and proven method of conveying important messages beautifully, clearly, and concisely. One of the most prominent examples of motion graphics that you might be familiar with are GIF animations.

Reasons Motion Graphics Are Vital To the Branding and Marketing Strategy of Businesses

  1. Makes Comprehension Easy & Relatable

A major reason every business must incorporate motion graphics into their strategy is because the communication and processing of visual information is instant. Visual animations take as little as 13 milliseconds to process information. Motion graphics help in breaking down complex information and make the consumption and comprehension of this information much simpler. Using motion graphics comes in handy, especially in explainer or tutorial videos, abstract concepts, or data visualisation.

  1. Completely Blends With Other Styles Of Animation

Another key benefit of motion graphics is that they can be used together with other animation styles. The most obvious application of motion graphics is that logo animations can be used in any sort of video. However, the creative possibilities go much beyond this.

Elements of motion graphics can be easily combined with whiteboard animations, live videos, as well as 2D and 3D animation. The effects are visually engaging and distinctive, since you juxtapose styles for backing up the narrative of videos and draw viewers in.

  1. Perfect For Clear Communication Of Statistics, Facts, & Benefits

Motion graphics are excellent for conveying information in a clear, simple way. They let you remove clutter and force you to focus on your core branding message. Regardless of how big or small your company, this is very valuable for your marketing. Motion graphics restrict you to basic yet powerful visual elements and get straight to the point.

Motion graphics is often the ideal solution for explainer videos. If you want to convey complex information to your customers, the honesty and purity of motion graphics is just what you need.

Bottom Line:

Motion graphics are a highly effective medium of establishing brand identity and brand awareness among your audience. Hire Plus Promotions – Ireland’s leading digital marketing company – to use motion graphics for creating informative and attention-grabbing content that stand out. It’s time to tap on the potential of motion graphics to drive conversations and conversations!