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Why Should You Invest In Web Development?

Despite the emergence of app development in this mobile-driven world, web development in Cork is still expected to dominate the list of strategies used by companies, today and tomorrow. There are plenty of compelling reasons and emerging trends behind this statement, which is exactly what this blog intends to communicate. So keep reading till the end to unravel why is it an absolute necessity for your business to have a website.

Let us first comprehend its significance and then take a look into the recent trends in web development.

How Web Development Plays A Vital Role

Web development might seem a thing of the past but to be honest, it is exactly the opposite, playing a key role in developing businesses and introducing companies as well as their services before vast audiences.

Find out here three of the most crucial reasons behind it being an enterprise's success in the digital world:

  • A Valid Source
    Just in case you are underestimating the role played by web development in Dublin, bear in mind that a website is truly an identity of a business. Companies that lack properly designed and developed website often fail to impress customers.
  • A Convenient Powerhouse Of Information
    With people becoming more tech-savvy, customers are now look for information about a company on the web and with a well-developed website at their fingertips, nothing proves more convenient for them.
  • Promotes Businesses Worldwide
    In a globalised world, where customers are spread across different countries, a website is the first point of contact, introducing a business to international customers.

Latest Trends In The Web Development Space

Now that you have enlightened yourself about the three most convincing reasons behind successful organisations investing in website development, let's take a look at the recent trends, dominating the market today.

  • Single-page websites with more user-focused information
    Today, with customers growing impatient, mostly due to lack of time, businesses are seeking an alternative to websites with multiple pages. Web development makes a way for that through single page websites, navigable with fewer clicks. Unlike multiple-page ones, it's less complex and easily accessible from hand-held devices.
  • Rising popularity of mobile-first design
    Although the opening lines clearly mention the importance of web presence, you also cannot deny the fact that customers nowadays are mostly going online from their hand-held devices. This demands that a website be developed to operate both on and off mobile phones. Therefore, web developers are integrating this technology to create a mobile-friendly interface.
  • Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence
    In order to augment the performance of a site and improve its overall engagement, businesses are currently adopting an on-demand model, whereby tools like Chatbots and AI are automating functions on websites. By responding to customer queries in live time, it's transforming websites into an engaging platform.


Looking at current trends, one thing is certain. Website development shall rule in 2018 and beyond. If you are mapping out a website revamp plan in mind, go ahead. However, don't forget to integrate the latest trends into your website if you wish to achieve success.