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Why Your Business Needs Google Analytics 4 - GA4

Why Your Business Needs Google Analytics 4 (GA4)


Nowadays, most businesses around the world use the Google Analytics Universal version to understand the behaviour of visitors and their websites’ effectiveness. However, Google has announced lately that the Universal version will cease its operation from July 2023. This decision is mainly to favour the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). To access all the measurements and metrics, companies must migrate from the Universal version to Google Analytics 4. So, in this article, we will discuss all the factors that make GA4 a better choice for your business.

Advantages of Using Google Analytics 4

There are numerous benefits of using Google Analytics 4 when compared to the Universal version. Let us find out more below.

  • With GA4, companies can easily track website data and app performance. But Universal only allows you to track just the website. So, Google Analytics 4 provides more control to companies over search activities, apps, and paid ads.
  • Google Analytics 4 has better capabilities to understand a customer’s journey across various devices that someone might use.
  • GA4 incorporates advanced machine learning technologies, which help to predict trends like churn probability. It will automatically alert businesses regarding taking action. To increase the effectiveness, you can upload these predictions on your google ads to apply them.
  • Instead of paying attention to the device or channel, GA4 focuses on customer-centric measurements.
  • The universal version likes to focus on the last click approach. But Google Analytics 4 is more about data-driven attribution.
  • It provides you with models to spot the possible gaps in data that you might have due to privacy opt-ins.

Universal Version: Why Should You Avoid It?

The universal version will cease to collect data anymore from 1st July 2023. A business can still access its historical data for 6 months. After that, Universal will cease to continue its operation. However, with Google Analytics 4, you don’t have the option to bring back any historical data. So, if you decide to set up a new account, it will mark a starting point for any data it will hold.

It Is Preparation Time

  • All companies must prepare themselves in order to avoid any loss of data according to July 2023 guidelines. This means:
  • If you manage to set up your GA4 account now, you can collect historical data for a year in the history section.
  • Run your Google Analytics account with your Google Analytics 4 account to cross-check and understand all the major differences.
  • Obtain your historical data from GA now so you have that stored historical data somewhere else.
  • It’s time to migrate your bespoke report to GA4. This will provide you with an existing report source whenever your business needs it.
  • Read and understand the new terminologies that have changed – For instance, goals are now called conversions.

Final Words

Google Analytics 4 is an extremely important tool that helps to understand your website’s effectiveness and customers’ behaviour. This becomes more relevant in a time when the Universal version will cease its operation from 1st July 2023. So, if you are still confused regarding whether to switch to GA4, read the above blog.