Google Ads Questionnaire

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Client Initial Questionnaire _ AdWords Campaign Set-Up & Design

The questions below will help to identify content, audiences, geo-targeting, and themes which will enable the design of an initial Adwords Campaign. The understanding that you have of your business is important. Please take the time to carefully consider your answers as they can provide an entry point to finding correlations between the current state of the web site, your customer base, strategies/goals, and where/how we want to drive traffic to the site.

Campaigns / Ad Groups will emerge from these answers.

This will guide the ad copy created in the initial ads. Data and Analytics analysis will direct as to how ongoing ads evolve.

With targeted keywords in AdWords your Ad can show when users search directly for your competitors.

These keywords will begin as the trunk for other keywords and data derived search results to branch from.

Lots of $$$ can get wasted on irrelevant search queries.