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With a proven record of providing reliable business formation services in Cork, Plus Promotions can get your organisation to the best possible start. Ever since our inception in 2016, we have been helping businesses of all sizes set-up and grow. Whether you want to form a private limited company, a limited liability partnership, a public limited company or any other kind of organisation, we have you covered. Our skilled team of specialistsis always on hand to provide you with a seamless and fast company formation in Cork.

Why Should You Invest In Ireland?

Ireland is one of the first choices of foreign investors who wish to enter the Eurozone market and make a mark for themselves in the business world. Considering a company set-up in Cork can be a smart decision for any entrepreneur because of factors like-

Global Reputation

Many entrepreneurs worldwide consider Ireland to be the ideal country for business formation. This mainly relates to the local language – English, strong rule of law and EU membership.

Irish Workforce

In his 2012 statement, the former US President Bill Clinton had described the Irish workforce as the best and most educated workforce in Europe. So, it is no wonder that major MNCs have large operations in Ireland. And the best way to enter the dynamic market of Ireland is seeking the expertise of our skilled company formation agents.

Tax System

Ireland is immensely popular throughout the world for its pro-business tax systems. Companies in Ireland are usually taxed on their corporate income at a 12.5% rate. This is significantly lower than the tax rates of other EU regions. What makes Irish company formation in Cork more beneficial is that Ireland’s tax system considers a progressive and realistic approach.

Entrepreneurs planning to set-up their business in Ireland can benefit from a simple registration process. Some of the main steps for incorporating a company in Ireland are-

  • Choose the type of business for your company
  • Select an appropriate name for company incorporation in Corkthat’s completely distinctive from other organisations
  • Perform the electronic name reservation with Companies Registration Office (CRO) - the institution in charge with the approval of the trading name
  • Prepare the statutory documents of the company – the memorandum, the articles of association, the constitution and the partnership agreement
  • Sign and notarise the bylaws of the company in front of a public notary
  • Open a corporate bank account at a local commercial bank – a procedure which requires numerous documents
  • Submit the company’s documents and forms to register your business with the CRO

At Plus Promotions, our professional company registration agents are always on hand to help you with the company formation process.

How Can Plus Promotions Help?

Our diligent specialists have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of providing business start-up services in Cork. We can help you start a range of organisations like-

  • Private limited companies
  • Public limited companies
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Unlimited companies
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Friendly Societies
  • Designated activity companies

No matter whether you’ve already decided onthe kind of business formation or need advice regarding your organisation’s structure, seeking our company formation services in Cork can help.

Why Choose Us For Company Set-up In Cork?

  • A skilled team of agents with an enviable reputation for company formation
  • Specialists with vast experience in providing business start-up services
  • An innovative approach to business formation
  • Fast, comprehensive and reliable business formation service
  • Wide range of company formation services to assist you in your objectives
  • Well-equipped to handle the formation of your business
  • Unbeatable post company formation support

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