Animation Video Questionnaire

Inform the Public
Train / Educate Staff or Volunteers
Increase Brand Awareness
Launch a New Product or Service
Lead-Generation / Attract New Customers
Fill out a form
Pick up the phone to call
Go to a landing (web) page
Add video to social networking sites
Purchase a product (click-to-buy button)
Perform a task (i.e: donate, attend or participate, visit your business, take a position, etc)

Social Networking sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc)
PowerPoint presentations
Email link

Part of a larger presentation
Stand alone
Part of a video series

30 seconds (commercial)
60 seconds (commercial)
2 minutes
3 minutes
4 minutes
5 minutes

Documentary—Informative program with a voice-over narration accompanying the visuals
Lecture—Visuals, usually with narration or presenter
TV Magazine-Presenter provides information in different sections, in a lively and informal style
News-Presenter provides information on different topics, in a formal style
Drama or Role-Play Reconstruction-A story (fact or fiction) produced using actors to play the characters. A reconstruction may also have a supporting narration.
Product trailer/elevator pitch-short 1-2 minute video
Motion Graphics-Narration voiceover with animations, images, and text
Animation / Cartoon
Customer Testimonial
Corporate Officer / Executive presentation
Virtual Tour

High energy
Medium energy
Low energy

On-screen presenter
Voiceover narration
Corporate officer (CEO, VP, Director)
Talent (for role plays, reconstructions, professional presenters, etc.)
Customers for testimonials
Graphics (charts, diagrams, bullet-points, etc.)
Video footage
Key photos/2D and 3D images

Stationary point (from tower, lift, or other stationary point)
Drone (moderate elevation) footage
Aircraft (plane or helicopter footage of large areas from higher elevation)