Content Marketing Questionnaire

Video Guide

The more information you provide here, the better our content will be down the road. Try to answer questions like: We are a .. We offer our customers..

Tell us about your company's history and accomplishments. Who started your business? How long have you been doing this?

Basically we want to know why your clients should choose you! What specific features or benefits would convince a prospective user to choose your company over others?

Like: My company is on of the ________ companies in its industry/area. I.E. reliable, oldest, most trusted, etc. If there is more than one term that describes your company, we want to know about it!

Tell us about your customer's age range, geographical ares, singles vs. family, etc.

Essentially, if your company were a person, what sort of person would it be? Please provide personality adjectives, or any other descriptions that capture the brand of your business.

In short, what do you do better than anyone else, and why should I choose you over your competition?

What are you hoping to achieve with your website? What action should a prospective customer take after visiting your site? What special offers or tactics are helping you achieve those goals on your site? These may include boosters, twor-for-ones, Groupons, time triggers, promotions, location based specials, seasonal specials, or any other marketing efforts.

Again, be as thorough as possible.

Authoritative Conversational

Edgy Traditional

Economical Luxurious

Feed the Brain Touch the Heart

Dry Animated

For example, "Food for Thought: Best Foods for Keeping Your Teeth Strong"

Yes No

For example, "10 Unconventional Uses for Toothpaste"

Yes No

For example, "The Facts behind Amalgum Filings"

Yes No

For example, "The Largest and Smallest Teeth... and the Creatures They Belong To"

Yes No

For example, "The Largest and Smallest Teeth... and the Creatures They Belong To"

Yes No

Brand Awareness/Lead Generation Customer Acquisition Thought Leadership Engagement Customer Retention/Loyalty Sales