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What Is Promotional Video?

A Promotional video is a corporate video which narrates the value and identity of a business to potential customers. It is one of the most valuable forms of online mass communication and works as an effective and often cheap branding tool in comparison to the traditional media market.

Kinds of Promotional Videos

Corporate Promotional Videos are created in three various formats known as Whiteboard, 2D videos and 3D videos.

Whiteboard Videos:

This is an informal style of video which usually communicates the business concept in an engaging and interactive way. Generally, this format shows a person standing in front of a whiteboard and drawing a visualization of what the script defines.

2D Videos:

This is a two-dimensional animated style video that explains the business story in a more engaging and interactive method.

3D Videos:

This is a three-dimensional video in an animated video format that incorporates 3D design characters to explain the business concept or any story relating to the service and products of the business.

Promotional Video Service

Plus Promotions produces creative, engaging and interesting video content that draws the attention of online visitors. We design high-quality promotional videos for your business to drive organic viewers and increase brand exposure. Working with experienced 2D and 3D graphic designers, we know how to build a valuable and interesting video that will help reach your marketing goals.

Understanding your business requirements, we work with you to transform your idea into engaging video content that reflects your brand. We provide precision perfect video designs that help boost brand recognition. Share your business story with us and let us produce the perfect video for you.

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