Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. The final website design, including its contents, elements and programmes, will be 100% unique and will be specifically created by our in-house designers, developers and content writers, at the behest of the client. It will be delivered to the client, with the final payment of the agreement. This website and all its contents should thereafter become an intellectual property of the client.


  1. We reserve the right to use or share any stock images, graphics, layout designs, source codes, any existing work-up file or computer program, to demonstrate an example of ideas for the client, that may be unlicensed, with or without the client’s requesting for it. These files will not be eligible or permissible to the client to use by any means, personally or professionally, as their respective copyrights/licenses will be held by their respective owners.


  1. If your web design project is scoped with us, as a client, you will authenticate that in case you provide us any contents, elements and intellectual property for using on the website at your behest, they will be either owned by you, or you will have required license or permit to use them, or collected from open sources. This will include text, typography, images, video, graphics, designs, layouts, colour schemes and trademarks. You will also have to authenticate that any of the content or elements given by you, will not offend any sensitive issues, copyright issues or attract any negative attention.

    As a paid customer, you will not ask of us, to use any infringed content or element directly or indirectly, that may jeopardize our reputation, or expose us to any kind of legal issues. You will maintain all the protocols, so as to protect the organization and authority of Plus Promotions and its subcontractors, from any negative impact or lawsuits derived from copyright claims, or any other issues that will tend Plus Promotions to face, for having business relations with you (the client).


  1. We ensure timely delivery of every element of the website design project, either by publishing it online, or emailing the same to you, as would be mentioned in our agreement of the project. However, the delivery is conditional on the basis of the payment receipt received by us that will be associated with the delivery. In case of delayed payment, Plus Promotion has the right to levy a late fee in addition to the agreed cost for the project.


  1. We reserve the rights to change or alter our price policies, without prior notice. Clients are recommended not to presume the final cost of their project without having a consultation with us. The price of web designing varies project to project. We can work on budget-oriented projects, and provide you with the billing details transparently. As a client will not engage in bargaining or manipulating the final cost post the final agreement.


  1. Plus Promotions does not guarantee that the functionality and navigation to be uninterrupted or error-free at all times. We are not liable for the damages, or disruptions caused by service interruptions, network error, digital error or system error, that is beyond our control. We are not to be held responsible for the loss of profit, data, or any intellectual property caused by any of the aforementioned discrepancies.


The client’s scoping us the project regarding their websites, either web design, web development, digital marketing or web/mobile app designing will mean that they agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this document, and the client thus agrees to comply with all the legal formalities, taxes and tariffs levied to their respective projects.