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Plus Promotions - a top-rated mobile app development company in Ireland - is a leading firm offering customised software solutions to companies worldwide. From state agencies to startups, some of the world’s biggest enterprises entrust us to design and develop their web and mobile applications.

Being a trusted app development company in Ireland, we specialise in designing and developing mobile applications for pioneering organisations throughout Ireland. Our team of talented mobile application developers have a vast experience in designing and developing apps for businesses of every size.

Our mobile apps are expertly built and crafted thoughtfully to exceed your expectations. Our mobile app developers go above and beyond by handling every step of the app development lifecycle, from conception to design, prototyping, and user experience, to distribution and delivery. We create applications that tackle practical business issues, provide fresh approaches to customer engagement, and provide an improved workflow strategy—all of which help you realise the full potential of your company.

Our mobile application development has transformed businesses by simplifying their complex problems and eradicating the stumbling blocks on the pathway to success. We understand the needs of our customers and our development team sits together to develop apps that are secure and scalable. Our team of experts are skilled and knowledgeable to create apps for all platforms like iOS, Windows, Android and more!

We have the expertise to handle the entire process of app development from start to finish. Writing code, launching the app on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows App Store, and designing new user interface designs and improving user experience are all part of the process. Our aim is to provide you a competitive advantage over rivals.

Our Mobile App Development Services

The popularity of developing mobile applications is rising as more and more service providers and sectors show interest in creating mobile applications for the expansion and growth of their businesses. Your company's growth will be halted and stagnation will result from not having a mobile app. For this reason, we have an incredible group of mobile application developers to fulfil your changing requirements.

Being one of the top mobile app development companies in Ireland, we have an affinity for creating beautiful and intuitive mobile applications. Our professionals create the most intuitive and useful mobile and web applications, and we offer seamless software solutions. Put your faith in our knowledgeable and talented mobile app developers for an unparalleled experience.

Here’s what we can do for you:

iOS Apps

As a reputed app development company in Ireland, we have dedicated app developers who deliver high-performing, feature-packed iOS apps across the entire Apple range of products like iPad, iPhone, TV and even the Apple Watch. The high-end iOS apps that we have brought to life feature in the App Store and have even made their way into Apple’s internal application store!

Android Apps

If you are looking for Android mobile application development, then our team can create powerful, user-friendly apps across all Android devices like tablets, smartphones and smartwatches. Our team collaborates with each client to create revolutionary apps that can engage and connect with the masses.

Cross-platform Apps

Businesses will find this to be a very economical option because it works with both iOS and Android devices. The cross-platform application perfectly combines native and online design elements. Our mobile app development team uses many technologies, including Cordova, Xamarin, and React Native, to create bespoke apps.

Web Apps

As a leading app development company in Ireland, our web app development team specialises in designing and developing progressive enterprise-grade web applications that work smoothly on browsers across mobile and desktops. Our high-end apps are built utilising a full stack of technologies to ensure user-friendly, functional and exquisite apps for your business.

React Native Apps

Due to its simplicity, faster performance and cross-platform functionality, React Native Apps are hugely popular among businesses. Moreover, as our mobile app developers build these high-end apps utilising a single codebase, it reduces both time and development costs.

Enterprise-grade Apps

To assist you in achieving your company objectives, we create premium enterprise-grade apps by utilising the greatest techniques, resources, and code writers. Streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and increasing efficiency are all benefits of automating company procedures.

App Support & Maintenance

Our mobile application developers also help with in-app maintenance and offer reengineering services to ensure that your app runs smoothly across all platforms. Our organisation also offers app modernisation, migration solutions and various upgrades.

Game Development Apps

We offer customised game development apps that are oriented toward crafting games targeting gamer’s smartphones. We have roped in gaming connoisseurs who have in-depth knowledge to facilitate an immersive gaming experience for gamers. Our team of game developers aspire to build games that would be loved by gamers and have the element of adventure.

Why Choose Our Mobile App Development Services?

We are transparent, professional and responsive. Moreover, we ensure:

No hitches and glitches with memory limitations

Our mobile application developers use codes mindfully to ensure that our designed apps do not crash because of memory issues.

High-quality performance

Our mobile app developers ensure lag-free performance which means you get a user-friendly app and users don't feel frustrated while navigating through the app.

Best UI Elements

User interface elements get easier to manage and the app menus have options that are easily accessible to the users.

Attention to security

Due to the use of smartphones, there is a high chance of cyber attacks, especially on mobile devices. However, as a leading mobile app development company in Ireland, we create apps that have the most secure platform and prevent hacking.

Version Compatibility

You might find apps working optimally with the latest versions. Nevertheless, bug-free apps developed by our team of experts can function smoothly even with updated mobiles.

Screen compatibility

Why not target users using mobiles of different sizes? Our team of mobile app developers create apps that are compatible with mobiles of any screen size and resolution.

FAQ Section - Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is a process to develop application software for handheld computing devices: personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, smartphones and tablets.

What is Android Application Development?

Android app development is the process in which new applications are designed for Android operating devices using the Java Programming Language and Android software development kit.

What is IOS App Development?

IOS app development is the process where new software is designed and developed for Apple operating systems.

Why choose Plus Promotions?

Plus Promotions offers a complete mobile app development service for a more robust cross-platform solution. Our qualified app development team, consisting of iOS and Android mobile app developers, designs and develops custom-built mobile apps tailored to your business needs.

Does my business need a mobile app?

Mobile apps can increase brand visibility, act as a direct marketing channel, increase customer value, boost customer engagement, and increase brand recognition. Each business has a unique strategy; therefore, each mobile app needs to be custom-built to support this strategy. We are involved in app design and development to provide smart business solutions and ensure an everlasting positive impact on the outcome.

What sets Plus Promotions apart from other businesses?

Our innovative Android and iOS mobile apps come with the best features and user-friendly designs. We develop apps as platforms to attract and interact with your customers, ensuring they complete business transactions with your online clients.

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