Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Plus Promotion, consider complete protection of the privacy of our clients, website visitors and users’ as pivotal and our highest priority. Therefore, we have framed our Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

To continue our commitment, we will keep updating our policies, and this privacy statement. We reserve the rights, in its entirety, to add, remove or alter any of the policies of privacy mentioned herein. Our users are recommended to read this document carefully before engaging in any truce with us whatsoever.


  • Private Data That We Collect From You

Prior to data collection, we shall specify our intentions in brief. The private data that we collect from you, via our registration form, cookies, or direct correspondence includes the following:

  • IP Address, thus your immediate geographic location
  • Full Name
  • Address including pin code
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

We request you to provide this information, for the purpose of record-keeping, and to deliver you the most helpful product suggestions, services and resources as exclusive to your ideal requirements. However, if you wish to opt-out of it, you are at full liberty to do so.

We shall retain the collected personal information only until it satisfies our purpose. Do not worry about unauthorised access, theft, disclosure, theft or copy, as we shall put our best foot forward to protect it.


For registering to Plus Promotions website, you agree to provide all genuine data in the required fields of the registration form. If you want to know more or raise a question about our protocols of storing, using and transferring of your personal data, you may refer to this document of the privacy policy for your present or future reference.


You will have any time access, and the right to update, edit or remove any of the data. All you need to do is place a request, to


  • What We Do With Your Personal Data

We will use your contact information (email and phone, mainly) to send you any information, and sometimes promotional and marketing messages that might interest you, via email newsletters, text messages, or phone calls via our agents. You may choose to allow or restrict this access by unsubscribing to our newsletters and opt-out of it at any time. If you do so, we shall restrict ourselves from sending you promotional emails. As per the confidentiality of the data collected is concerned, we shall try our level best to maintain the same.


  • Our Security Measures

We are committed to protecting your privacy, professionally and efficiently. We have ensured adequate security measures combined with high-end digital security systems, as well as manual protocols, executed by our carefully recruited in-house staff. We ensure that your private data is by no means can be accessible by the public, or any unauthorized personnel. Overall, you can depend on us, as we pledge to keep it confidential in every possible circumstance.


We use HTTP or Web Cookies, to collect certain statistical data such as, inbound web traffic rate, customers that return to our page, the number of hits per page and navigation routes. This information gives us a pattern of our current web status, and helps us maintain our web presence, and develop. The cookies are automatically installed on your computer, and can only access the information that you choose to provide us. It cannot read the data on a hard drive. You have the right and accessibility to accept web cookies or not. To do this, you have to simply set your preference on your own web browser settings. If at any point in time, you feel like opting out of it, you are at full liberty to do so. To clear it out, we gather cookies just to take into account your preferences.


[Note: We are proud to inform you that our Privacy Policy is GDPR compliant]


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