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Every day, thousands of potential customers search for the specialist services you provide. The only problem is that you are invisible to them. This is when an SEO expert in Cork hired by businesses looking to boost online visibility steps in.

Plus Promotion, operating in Ireland, is one such team that conducts on-page and off-page optimisation techniques to drive organic traffic to a site. Whether it’s about running comprehensive audits, creating valuable backlinks, writing guest content, posting on forums or listing in local directories, we perform everything.

Given our technical expertise, several years of combined experience with plenty of businesses from various niches and our constant market research, we are one of those leading SEO companies in Cork you will enjoy partnering with.


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SEO Services For You to Dominate the E-Commerce Landscape

Looking to elevate the visibility of your business in the online marketplace? Seek the following SEO solutions:

• E-commerce SEO
Are you launching your e-commerce business? Experience a gushing flow of website traffic, with the profits multiplying through e-commerce SEO. With us, spending on lead generation is a great way to make your euro-stretching approach work.

    • Shopify SEO
Optimise your Shopify store by driving more revenue with our e-commerce efforts. Our team supports mid-sized and enterprise-level companies, the key users of the platform, to reach their sales goals.

    • Magento SEO
Is your website operating on Magento? Let Plus Promotions, a team fluent in this platform and collaborating with in-house Magento developers, maximise your search engine visibility through Magento speed optimisation, technical Magento website analysis and more.

    • Amazon’s SEO
Optimise your Amazon listings to boost sales and improve visibility with the professional SEO solutions of Plus Promotions. Being familiar with Google’s ranking algorithm, we operate to generate the desired outcomes with our profitable and innovative approach.

Strategic SEO Solutions to Improve Your Online Visibility

We implement only proven SEO strategies, leaving your competition in the dust.

    • On-page SEO
We optimise all website aspects to level up your position in search rankings through on-page SEO solutions. It commences with the site and current SEO campaign examination to single out the areas desiring improvement. We then apply our proven SEO strategies to achieve successful outcomes.

• Local SEO
Reach and convert more people in your services area with Plus Promotions’ SEO services. We tailor customisable local SEO plans by making the most of AI insights, citation management and ROI tracking to drive more revenue to your site.

    • Technical SEO
We are well-versed in technical SEO and address user responsiveness, site speed and mobile compatibility. Our team constantly works to improve website performance and boost user experience without hesitating to use our knowledge to your benefit.

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Improve Your Domain Authority (DA) Score with Off-Page SEO Techniques

Your DA score reflects your off-page SEO performance. Ranging between 1 and 100, it indicates a ranking score that speaks volumes of your site’s capacity to rank within SERP. Factors such as the total number of backlinks and the unique websites linked to yours, determine the score.

Plus Promotions, a reputable SEO company in Cork, implements five off-page SEO techniques to change the domain authority of a site towards a positive outcome. We create backlinks, run social media marketing, pen guest content, carry out forum posting correctly and augment the exposure and traffic of a business through local listing. To know more about the steps we take to ensure a good score within your chosen competitive landscape.

Why Partner with Us to Avail of SEO Services in Cork?

    • SEO Specialists with Industry Experience
Having worked with multiple clients from different sectors, we know which approach can grow your online presence. Reach your business goals with our advice and meticulous research.

• Customised SEO Solutions
We acknowledge the individualised goals of every business. Therefore, we tailor our SEO services and optimise them for conversions for you to achieve the desired results.

    • Ensure Only High-Wuality Traffic
We believe in customising content marketing and SEO strategies for you to derive sheer organic traffic to your website.

    • Synergise with in-house Designers & Developers
Tech SEO desires help from in-house UX designers and WP/ Shopify developers. We work with such a team to ensure a fabulous page experience.

    • Perform SEO Audits
We leverage on- and off-page SEO audits of your rivals to identify the road map to growth opportunities and examine your current website performance.

    • Advanced SEO Knowledge
Our combined years of experience in the digital marketing arena have upgraded not only our knowledge but also our methods and helped us reach the position of the most effective SEO agency in Cork.

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Start Your SEO Project Under Our Wings!

Teaming up with us is way more fun than you think! How about kicking things off under our guidance, expertise and support? Request for a no-obligation quote today!

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