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Plus Promotions Referrals Program 2021

All You Need to Know About the Plus Promotions Referrals Program 2021 – Get Up To 25% Discount

Hello Everyone!

Plus Promotions Digital Agency is pleased to announce yet another Referrals Program! All our long-term customers are invited to take part in the Plus Promotions Referrals Program 2021. Through this program, we aim to strengthen our business relations with our clients - both existing clients and potential clients.

So, if you have been happy with our services, whether it be Website Design Services, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development or any other domain, and you believe that someone you know could benefit from it too, then refer us to them.

Every conversion we get through your referrals would push you towards getting more and more rewards from our side, as a gesture of gratitude. Here’s everything you need to know about this program.

What Is the Plus Promotions Referrals Program?

The Plus Promotions Referrals Program for Web Services takes the traditional word-of-mouth initiative, addressing our existing clients referring our services to a third party - either a family member, friend or coworker; or other businesses.

If that third party comes to us and successfully hires us for any of our Web Services, then the customer who passed our name and recommended us to the new client shall get rewarded by us, in the form of free credits on work hours or complimentary services.

The client who brings the most referrals can get up to a 25% discount on the yearly business we make with them. And you can get this as many times as you refer us to potential clients that eventually convert to a sale.

In the past, many of our clients have referred us to their friends and relatives, unknowingly providing us with a substantial amount of business, and we decided to return the favour by giving them discounts on the total working hours, along with free services. This is how, much to the delight of both us and our clients, we have strengthened our business relations, giving rise to a very dependable and resourceful network.

So, we decided to make our Referrals Program official so that more and more people could benefit from this network and pave the way for healthy growth prospects, for everyone involved!

Who Can Take Part?

All our existing and new customers can take part, especially if you are looking to partner with us on a long-term basis, so then you can use our complimentary services to their full potential.

This Referral Program also applies to B2B exchanges. If you are a small to medium Web Agency, you can deliver results to your clients by leveraging our high-fidelity expertise and useful resources. Thus, by evoking the Referral Program, you can get the job done with a substantial profit.

And if you are not yet a client of ours, but are looking to start a project in future, even then you qualify for this referral program. You can recommend us to a business or individual who is ready to partner with us right away, and then, when you come back to hire us, you can redeem the rewards that you may be entitled to.

Remember, the range and volume of the rewards are based on the business that we receive from your referred clients.

How to Apply

There is no such “Application Process” for this referral program. All you have to do is share the links of our website with your friends and acquaintances and nudge them that if they contact us then they should mention to us that they did so upon your recommendation.

Otherwise, you can initiate the referral from your side also, by sharing with us the Name, Email Address and Phone number of the individual or business you are looking to recommend us to.

This is a very simple process, and we welcome all our existing and future clients to take part in this.

For more details, you can always ask us directly and we shall be glad to clarify any of your queries. You may write to us at or call us at 0212061864.