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How to Rank Number #1 On Google?

Every online business has dreams of making it big on the web platform. However, ranking number one on Google was never easy, and still, it’s quite a challenge. Reaching the top hot spot of the search engine would mean that you should be attracting a whole lot of traffic to your website by increasing visibility. All these efforts boil down to the fact that you are attracting potential sales traffic that can take your business to the next level.

Getting a high rank on Google would mean that you need to concentrate on local SEO. While there are plenty of companies offering local SEO services at great discounts, choosing a reputed local SEO agency in Ireland is better. Skilled and knowledgeable digital marketers understand the challenges faced in getting a top-ranking spot on Google and would help your business achieve this feat. While no local SEO agency can guarantee high rankings, here are a few strategies you can apply to claim the number one spot.

Relevant and realistic keywords

Keyword research is important and an integral part of SEO. However, you just can't choose any keyword and expect your website to rank in Google. There are many keyword generator tools online that can help you find the best keywords, but to get an extra edge over your competitors, you need to do things differently. Here are a few things that make keyword research better for your business.

  • Don't go for competitive keywords, as they are harder to rank.
  • When you are choosing keywords, look for the search intent and then make the list.
  • Choose keywords that have the potential to drive good traffic to your website.
  • Include keywords that have relevance to the content.

On-page optimisation works wonders

By paying attention to on-page optimisation, your website will start ranking better, and the possibility of being right on the first page of Google increases. However, to optimise your on-page content, here are the four locations where you should include the keywords:

  • Page title: Should be readable with primary target keywords.
  • Header tags: Target-related keywords or keyword variations
  • URL structure: It should be simple and short, with all the primary keywords.
  • Metadata: Adding keywords to the meta descriptions can improve rankings.

Build traffic and promote your post

Writing brilliant content with all the necessary keywords is just half the work done. To increase traffic to your website, you need the help of a local SEO company to promote the post. Here are the three main ways you can promote your post and generate quality traffic to your website.

  • Build links by generating guest posts.
  • Brand mentions and adding a link to your site
  • Email the subscribers.
  • Post on social media and mention your brand name (add the link).
  • Analyse competitor backlinks and build your backlinking strategy.

Analysing the SERP competition

Tracking your competitor is a powerful SEO strategy that you can't ignore. This will save you effort and time, helping you rank faster on Google. The top-ranking websites already have their research completed with keywords and content that rank excellently in the SERPs. Here are the top things that you should note:

  • Find the top keywords they are using.
  • Check out their content.
  • Introduce new and more informative content on the website.
  • Look into their social media profiles and build a strategy.

Eat, Sleep, SEO Repeat!

Consistency pays, and if you have a dedicated and systematic approach, then your hard work might pay off. Connect with Plus Promotions to rank at the top of Google. Empowered with years of experience and expertise, Plus Promotions and their local SEO strategies can be a game changer for your business.