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Digital Marketing in 2023: Top Trends to Help You Power Through

Digital marketing has become a crucial part of businesses in the 21st century. It is a powerful marketing tool that organisations use to reach prospective customers, create brand awareness and increase sales. The truth is that organisations of every size, from small local enterprises to giant tech firms and everything in between, is going digital. With the arrival of 2023, it is crucial to keep an eye on the newest trends that shape the future of digital marketing.

With the digital landscape ever-evolving, marketers are continuously seeking to stay ahead of the curve. As customers become more judicious about the products they purchase, it’s important for brands to be visible and consider their messaging and research or plan their strategy in the coming year. Also, it means that marketers need to know the digital marketing trends that are likely to dominate so that they can take advantage of new developments.

Confused about how to update your online marketing strategy for the coming year? In the post below, our marketing experts share their predictions to help you remain relevant and gain a competitive edge.

Incredible Digital Marketing Trends Savvy Marketers Must Watch Out For In 2023

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing Trends
  • The Rise Of TikTok

With its immense popularity in recent years, TikTok has emerged as one of the most popular the social media platforms. It’s not only for creators or consumers that TikTok is making inroads as the platform is focusing on the usability for businesses and improving targeting options for advertising. So, it’s no surprise that businesses have started leveraging TikTok to reach prospective customers and create brand awareness.

Businesses can create engaging short videos tailored to their target audience for increasing engagement and reaching more potential customers. Moreover, businesses can use the advertising tools of TikTok to place ads and track the performance of their campaigns.

  • The Growth Of ‘Creator Economy’

Brand awareness is becoming more of a focus on social media in comparison to pure lead generation nowadays. So, it is important for marketers to find creators that have a voice and fan base.

Creating content that attracts customers and generates engagement can be a huge challenge for brands in a time-starved world. This is where content creators come in handy. Be it high-level influencers, employees, customers or experts in a niche area, it can mean anything.

  • Content Marketing Trends
  • Drive Connections With Content

Every marketer knows that content can be utilised at all stages of the marketing and sales cycle for providing vital information and solutions. However, content can do much more than that.

In this year, brands should use content for making connections and building communities. With customers becoming more interested in the ethos and value of brands, companies will be fostering and seeking out connections that succeed.

  • Refine & Define The Creator/Brand Partnerships

There’s a great deal of noise online, thus equalling a lot of content. Even though some of the content out there is indeed great, a lot is aligned with the wrong influencer or not targeted at the right audience. That’s where a good content creator or brand partnership can come into play.

Many creators are looking to grow and expand in 2023. This means they want brand partnerships instead of sponsorships that align with their content so that posts feel more natural and organisations offer expert guidance and support, not just leave them to it. So, you must look more to influencers and user-generated content to help you appear and get seen through the voices of others. 

  • B2B Marketing Trends
  • Video, Video, & Video

The power of an excellent video campaign as a means to inform and connect with customers can never be underestimated. After all, a recent research reveals that a majority of businesses use video as an advertising tool and many value it as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Some of the most widely used channels used by companies are LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

For B2B organisations, videos can play a pivotal role in the marketing and sales cycle. This is true especially on LinkedIn since videos have become very popular on the platform and provide a way to connect with customers and influence them.

  • Focus On Curated Content

It’s important for every business to put emphasis on creating original and high-quality content. However, sharing curated content can also be an effective decision. Relevant content can drive conversions and demonstrate that your organisation is interested in sharing information or solving an issue instead of just selling products.

Some of the many types of useful content you can share are:

  • Podcasts
  • Industry news
  • Announcements or press releases
  • Third-party research
  • Interviews (blogs and videos)
  • In-depth features

Final Thoughts:

With these trends in your arsenal, you are well set for a flourishing year of digital marketing in 2023. Want to refresh your strategy and put the ideas into action to stay ahead of the curve? Partner with Plus Promotions – the leading digital marketing agency in Cork, Ireland – to create a great digital marketing strategy and we will help your business reach more prospective customers and increase sales.