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Focus On Local SEO To Dominate The Local Market

Did you know that nearly 80% of all online local searches on mobile phone devices drive conversions? Well, if you want to increase foot traffic to your physical store or drive online traffic to your site, then local SEO services are a turnkey solution that helps businesses earn more revenue through online and in-person sales.

Local SEO And Its Relevance To Your Business

SEO for local businesses uses the same strategies as traditional SEO. The major difference that sets local SEO services apart from conventional search engine optimisation (SEO) is that local SEO helps you rank better in local search rankings, allowing people to find your business, visit the physical store, and make a purchase. By connecting with a local SEO agency, you can target customers in a specific geographic location, boosting your business growth.

Mind-Blowing Ways To Dominate The Local Search

check-tick-iconCreating And Optimising Google My Business:

Creating a Google My Business account is the first step towards improving local SEO services. Your local SEO agency focuses on optimising Google My Business to ensure your business shows up in:

  • Google Local Search Results
  • Google Search Knowledge Panel
  • Google Maps

For optimisation of Google My Business:

  • Verify your ownership
  • Provide updated information about your location, products and services, payment methods, and hours of operation
  • Add images and your brand logo to give people an inside look at your business
  • Post regularly about events, product updates, and special offers
  • Encourage and respond to every Google reviews

check-tick-iconBuild And Optimise Local Citations:

Considered a key ranking factor, a local SEO company focuses on local citations to help people discover your business. Local citations mention your business name, location, and phone number. Local citations appear in different places, like social networks, business directories, and anywhere people might be looking for information about a specific business. To optimise local citations:

  • Include the business name, address, and phone number (NAP)
  • Describe your business
  • Link to the web page

check-tick-iconLocal Keyword Research Is A Game Changer:

Proper keyword research can turn the tables and boost your rankings in the local search results. Phrases used by local customers to search for a specific product, service, or business need a lot of research, and a reputed local SEO company is empowered with the right tools and expert talent. The professional looks into metrics like monthly search volume, competition, and cost-per-click when selecting keywords that help you rank higher in the local search results. Local SEO focuses on:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Long-tail phrases related to search intent (not keyword-specific)
  • Keyword research tools to understand the metrics of the game

check-tick-iconLocation-Based Content That Connects With Customers:

Creating content that connects with the local audience ensures easier conversions. Share location-based news and events to get the local audience interested in your venture. Location-based pages and readable, relatable content ensure:

  • Your business authority flourishes in the local area
  • A higher rank in the local search results
  • Your audience will be updated on important business updates
  • You keep the local customers interested and inspire customer loyalty
  • Repeated purchases

check-tick-iconGo Vocal To Reach Out To The Locals:

Nearly half of the online searches are voice searches. So, if you haven’t yet optimised for voice search, you are risking missing out on quality leads that can turn into sales.

  • Target local long-tail keywords for voice search
  • Optimise your content for PO (Position Zero) to rank higher in voice searches
  • Create content with bullet points that directly answer the searcher’s questions

Get The Extra Push To Go Beyond The Ordinary - Be Extraordinary

If you want to succeed locally, you need local SEO, period! SEO is a constant learning process that involves a lot of creativity and experimentation. With these useful tips, you can now conquer the SERPs and boost traffic, leads, and revenue for your business. Connect today with Plus Promotions to promote your business locally, and with time, you can become a well-recognised brand globally. Talk to our experts now!