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Google Indexing, Digital Marketing, Social Media – What New Websites Need To Know

Recently, Google sustained two Indexing outages in the domains of mobile indexing and canonicalization, and it also disabled the Request Indexing feature. Even though some of the issues have been already resolved, and some are getting fixed as we speak, it is a moment to think of what is the future of website search ranking and how will new websites be affected?

So this blog goes out to all those businesses and professional service providers whose websites are newly live! Congratulations on completing the circle. Now What? Wouldn't you wish for your website to drive Organic Search Traffic?

If it's a Yes (it always is), the first thing you need is Indexing, because you can't get any Organic Ranking until and unless your site is indexed in the SEARCH. It is Simple. Isn't it?

Well, if it really isn't that simple for you. And if all this seems like a foreign language that you don't understand, here are some essentials that you, the website owner, need to know. And why do you need to know, since you can just get a professional to do it for you? You should care where and what you are putting your money into and as a decision-maker you should know whom to approach, what to pay for, and when to pay for it!

The Website Timeline - Crawl, Index, Rank, Optimize.

When you have developed a website and your developer declares it LIVE! This is the beginning of a process that will go on for as long as your site is out there.

Google is, of course, the primary platform to focus on, but you should not ignore other Webmasters like BING and Yahoo.

Many experts would opine on SEO being obsolete, but it is better to say that it is reincarnating. Because people will continue to search for things on the internet, and the process of how the Webmaster finds the relevant results will remain the same.

It is just that how websites leverage the system would largley need upgraded outlooks.

The first thing that happens to your site is that the Webmaster (like a species of Spider) crawls through your URL and code. Crawling would eventually index and rank your site if you can wait for months or years and have lots of luck to wade through all the online competition. That's the Tortoise Approach for you, apparently, it takes too much time than what you have.

So what to do? When your website is live, index it on your own.

The standard practice is using Google Search Console which offers the URL Inspection Tool. All you got to do is paste the URLs of each website, or just the URL of your home page into the search bar of Google Console and use the "Request Indexing" feature to do it manually. This is the feature that has been disabled since mid-October, 2020. Probably it will be back soon. But new websites should not panic, because disabling the Request Indexing feature is not the only thing Google Console has been doing. The Google Indexing API has been rolled out that accelerates the organic crawling and indexing process. Use sitemaps and keywords enriched content to get its attention.

Strengthen Your SMO Campaigns With The Best Of Social Media

Content is a lot of things, it is key, it is also King, and it is more or less the backbone of your Digital Marketing anatomy. So have a brilliant content strategy and use it across social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. You can create wondrous online authority by publishing good quality videos. These videos can be sharing expert knowledge, how-to videos, dramatised case studies, reviews of products and services, to name a few. You can be creative all you want, but relevance is a more powerful approach.

And when you are working with Social Media, many people start with back to back posts in the beginning and then go silent for weeks. Remember the best move for Social Media Optimization (SMO) is to be consistent. Create an inventory of posts and contents and publish them consistently at regular intervals for the long run.

New Websites Are Welcome!

New websites are bent on facing a Tsunami of online competition, but it is notwithstanding a hearty welcome into the Digital Market. Being new has its own advantages for it brings a dynamic and fresh approach to the picture, and much of the web traffic is driven out of curiosity. So the best thing new website owners can do is to leverage that curiosity and make it worth their time, by delivering engaging content, attractive calls to action and promotional offers and place it where it is easy to find - the social media, Paid Search, Email Marketing. While you are at it, choose a definite audience, and avoid push marketing style.

If you are a new website owner, talk to us at Plus Promotions. We can help you create brilliant content strategies ideal for staging your new website with strengthy competitivity, and online authority. Great beginnings are focused on growth.