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How to Get SEO and PPC to Work Together, and Work for Your Domain Authority

SEO and PPC may be different approaches, but they both work for the same cause and at the same platform - search and the search engine. So it is only rational that they can be merged together to work for your web authority, instead of working with their backs against each other. Here's what a well integrated SEO-PPC strategy would look like, and how it works out for your website.

Exposure and Visibility - This Way or That

It is standard practice for enterprises to withdraw from the paid search expenditure, once the site has made it to the 1st SERP organically. But the fact remains that the first 2-3 options in there are always PPC Ads, so if you are getting the chance to dominate both the regions, you are most likely getting 10folds more traffic and reasonable conversion much more than what you are spending on the paid search. So why not take that advantage?

Start With a Hand-in-Hand Strategy for Keywords Optimization and How You Use Them in Your Content

The keywords you use, and the way you use them have much to differ for PPC and Organic SEO. So don't think for once that you should interchange the same set of keywords for PPC and SEO! The idea is to use some of the most semantic PPC keywords on your home page and other contents, along with your SEO keywords.

Take it like, PPC thinks with the brain wherein the focus is on keywords bids to rise the SERP ladder - the typical short-medium tail keywords that people put in the search bar. Whereas SEO thinks with the heart, wherein the focus is on a broader spectrum of search terms in different topics, concerns, and queries. Short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, local keywords, global keywords, core and complex search terms, trending topics everything counts

Now, in the case of organic SEO, it would take at least 3months to come up with a result of the outreach of each keyword. Going this distance is what boosts your organic ranking potentials. For PPC, however, the insight is available almost instantly - you can see which keywords are working best and just get it served in a silver platter. But only for as long as you are paying for it.

PageRank algorithms can now identify keyword coordinates, and it will trace back the keywords used in your PPC Ads, into your websites and other contents, and it will go by a value rating based on the relevance of PPC keywords, with the content you have in your website and how it appears on your PPC Ad copy.

So your strategy should amass on having the best of both worlds, and "integrating" and not "interchanging" the keywords.

A Valiant Resource for Online Reputation Management

Negative Comments, reputation damages, operational failures are part of all business both online and offline, for online businesses it leaves a more publicised display, therefore, it seems more intense. But when you have SEO-PPC integrated visibility you can use that power to draw the attention of people towards the efforts you are giving to resolve the issues. Online Reputation Management is about not hiding the flaws or backlogs of your business, but showcasing how you face your problems and the improvisation prowess of the enterprise. Reply to those negative comments, create landing pages to tell the story of your recovery efforts... that's more like it.

So if you are still going by the parallel methodology for using your PPC and SEO strategies separately, take a cue from the biggest brands that you can see virtually everywhere. Or, you can simply consult with us, at Plus Promotions. We make things simpler for businesses and business owners.