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Lockdown Lessons: How to Future-Proof your Business for a Post-Pandemic World

The repercussion of the global pandemic, caused by the novel Coronavirus, which is taking a toll on human health, has been widespread and severe. Not only has consumer demand suddenly collapsed and unemployment rates gone up but businesses around the world are facing many uncertainties.  Challenges like supply chain interruptions and economic recession are causing panic among business executives. Though many have started working remotely and others have shut down operations, what do you think should be the ideal way to combat the scenario?

Since Plus Promotions is an ardent believer of the proverb "necessity is the mother of invention", it recommends businesses to not sit idle during the lockdown, rather take baby steps towards what experts are speculating – CoronaEconomy. But the unanimous question is "how'. Well, to that we have this piece of the write-up as the answer. So, now that you have ample leisure time, go through it to understand how to future-proof your business for a post-pandemic world.

Master the 3 R's of Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses

If you can recall the transitions, right from the agricultural age to the industrial economy and further to the information economy, you will realise that each was triggered in response to a specific need. Now with the pandemic spreading like wild-fire and social distancing panning out as a suitable policy to combat the deadly virus, the economy might probably experience a new demand. And, to satisfy those necessities, we might just have to witness the dawn of another economy – the "CoronaEconomy".

However, let's not contemplate the future. Instead, lay the groundwork for recovery. And, in an attempt to do so, we have to learn about the 3 R's. Let's take a look.

  • Re-evaluate

We have already stepped into a digital world, where word-of-mouth marketing is not enough to attract potential customers. If you are one of them, who still rely on the traditional technique then trust us, you will fail miserably. But, it's still not late and lockdown can be a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate that marketing strategy and switch to digital space. After all, no one knows how long social distancing will continue after the Government lifts lockdown. Post lockdown, expecting customers to knock at your door physically will be silly. So, the best way will be to win back customers by launching an e-commerce store.

  • Restructure

By restructuring, we are hinting at digital assets. Lockdown is the perfect time to hone your digital marketing skills by establishing what's lacking. For instance, if you are still missing out a social media account, create one today in a social media channel, where most of your customers are. Or, if you own an out-dated website, then set up an updated one to reflect your brand identity. Always remember that a website is the backbone of every business. So, it's crucial to introduce yourself, your products, and services to the world for greater visibility.

  • Regroup

With the economic slowdown, the first and foremost thing that a business is likely to do is cut down the marketing budget. Though it might seem like a good idea at first, it's by no way an answer to the lockdown period. Instead, regroup your marketing efforts so that customers find you online. In a nutshell, every brand should take lockdown as an opportunity and work on its digital marketing strategy to future-proof its business.


Whether it's the launch of an e-commerce store, creation of a social media account or a website redesign task, Plus Promotions can help you optimise the lockdown phase and future-proof your brand for a post-pandemic world. Reach out to us and let's work together to stay productive during the quarantine.