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Web Development Trends 2021

New Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021

The year 2021 emerged through the crucial time when the world became accustomed to living with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the year of online businesses. So much so, that a large number of offline businesses resorted to digital transformation. This is more prominent in Ireland, to see past the 5-level plan for living with COVID-19, and significant restrictions.

The top web development trends of 2021 would make way for speed, precision and value. The AI mechanism, voice search, cybersecurity, cloud computing, these avenues are going to dominate the features wherein each user has their prioritised data literally just one-tap away!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning See how you start typing something on Google Search or Amazon and it comes up with several suggestions, and most of the time you just tap on the suggestion and won't type the whole thing? Artificial Intelligence is a programming technique that facilitates machine learning and allows the user to have much of their tasks automated. And by now, this mechanism is largely endorsed by websites large and small. AI mechanisms are not only relevant for searches, but they are also commonplace as Virtual Assistants and Chatbots that are programmed to answer customers queries via live chat and solve common problems instantly. Banking sectors, healthcare, business and even Government and Public Sectors are upgrading to such Web Development Technologies for good. So it is safe to say that AI programming and machine learning will be on the rise in 2021.

Progressive Web Application

When a website looks and feels like a Mobile App, but users access it via browsers, without downloading it, that's a Progressive Web Application. Some of the stark examples of PWAs include Pinterest, Google Maps, Amazon and now even Facebook have rolled out their PWA version. This is beyond responsive website development, wherein a website looked and felt like a website, but was accessible via mobile phones. PWAs primarily follow the "mobile-first" concept and recreate app-like usability, whilst being instantly accessible, without needing hard drive space. Various studies unanimously revealed that PWAs have greater conversion rates compared to websites and native apps. And what's more, developing a PWA is usually faster and simpler for entrepreneurs. A powerful technology to have, PWAs go on redefining performance, with even offline accessibility.

Data Security and Web Development

Web Application and Websites are not safe from the lurches of cyberthreat. And now it is evident that small businesses are equally vulnerable as are large-scale organisations. There are diverse reasons for a cyberthreat, from competitive advantage to envy or to support agenda. Valuable data may include client database, company details and confidential information, bank codes etc.

So every other web development project nowadays comes integrated with cybersecurity services as well, and it is worthwhile for entrepreneurs to pay for it. Why should you pay for it when most web development frameworks and platforms have their own programmes for cybersecurity? The thing is these programmes are still generic, they are not unknown to cybercriminals. The area of cyberthreat is so fast-evolving that industries and enterprises must take all precautions when dealing with the security of their sites ahead of default technologies.

Some of the core cybersecurity actions that should be conducted during the development stage of the site include:
  • Security Testing for data leakage
  • Leveraging advanced website-monitoring tools and algorithms to detect any suspicious movement or activity, and have a visible notification system.
  • Choosing a trustworthy third-party service provider for SaaS
  • Data Encryption for added protection for exchangeable data
  • Protected DNS decentralisation to prevent DDoS Attacks

AI and Cybersecurity are becoming one intelligent marvel of modern digital innovation, and while this is significantly aimed at improving the security of websites, there are still downsides of a fully machine-dependent ecosystem. However, the technologies such as biometric login systems, fingerprint scanning, OTP generation, and pattern locking systems have all optimized apps overall security.