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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021: Predictions from Top Experts

Businesses need to reach and engage with the audience where they spend most of their time: social media. Marketing through social media is one of the most significant marketing strategies for businesses to increase visibility, customer reach, and convert customers. Looking to keep your huge social media audiences engaged? Well, there are key trends businesses must leverage and weave into their marketing strategy in 2021.

But, are you confused about what social media trends to expect in this constantly changing landscape? Fret not! Having an insight into the latest social media marketing trends can give businesses and marketers an edge over the competitors.

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn are no longer just social networks. They are a substantial part of every marketing strategy nowadays, they have transformed into marketing platforms that help businesses generate more traffic to their website and increased revenue from products or services. In fact, the benefits of utilising social media are so great that anyone not implementing this cost-effective resource is missing out on phenomenal marketing opportunities.

Wondering about the trends you need to be aware of? Check out the predictions of experts.

Latest Social Media Trends Marketers Can't Ignore in 2021

1. SEO Drives Organic Instagram Visibility

Gearing up for 2021 and beyond with Instagram marketing means you should take advantage of two things: SEO and reels. And, with the official announcement of Instagram becoming more search-friendly, businesses can expect increased opportunities for more reach on their posts.

Ensure your captions include relevant keywords that help Instagram identify what your post shows or talks about. To help Instagram categorize your account, ensure you consistently post relevant content. Also, you should make the most of Instagram's new UI update – Instagram Reels, a new form of video content delivered in 15-30 seconds for creating quick and attention-grabbing moments entertainingly and creatively. This will help you get more visibility and attract followers who could be the perfect customers for your business.

2. Live Streams Will Be More Popular

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many businesses going digital to maintain social distance and prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus. So, naturally, 2020 saw an increase in the number of people using live streaming features on social media. Even though the situation continues to evolve in 2021, people have become used to being able to interact with brands live without even leaving their homes. This means that live streams will continue gaining popularity and must be a part of a business' social media marketing strategy.

3. Reels Ignite Organic Instagram Exposure

Although a lot of fun and fancy features are rolling out for Instagram marketing, the trend is moving towards videos, especially short-form videos. In fact, 2020 saw a decrease in engagement and reach for stories and feed posts as users moved their attention to Reels. Instagram Reels are 15-30 seconds long and you can add text, music to keep things interesting. Embracing short-form video marketing in the form of Reels can thus be the key to getting increased views, leads and customers.

4. Facebook Advertising Success Is Tied To Customer Lifecycle

With the online marketplace continuing to become more saturated, returning to the foundational aspect of running ad campaigns on Facebook will be very crucial to success. Crucial to that success will be assessing the customer lifecycle and the average customer value so that you have an idea of how much you can pay for a lead and still remain profitable.

Review your past customers' records to get a solid understanding of how leads join your list, the duration of time between someone joining your list and becoming a paying customer, as well as how much your average customer spends with you. Use this information to build a Facebook advertising strategy that reflects your actual customer data. This way, you can move into developing unique ad campaigns.

5. Personality Becomes Key To YouTube Growth

Online business throughout the world is exploding and YouTube is no exception. Several channels – even the newer ones – are witnessing exponential growth at the moment. Amid this growth, differentiation will be crucial to standing out and reaching the ideal customer base. With YouTube becoming more saturated with topical niches, it's also becoming more and more personality-centric. You need to know that your unique personality – the way you speak or the way you explain concepts – is your most valuable differentiator.

So, learning what makes your business different and injecting the same into your channel will make it easier to attract customers and build loyalty with a new audience on YouTube.

6. LinkedIn Culture Shifts Towards Conversational Transparency

2020 was a huge year for LinkedIn as the platform rolled out LinkedIn Live, Stories, Events, and Polls. In 2021 and beyond, marketers need to embrace these new features and content formats along with the shift in the culture created by the increase in remote working as more and more professionals are working from home.

More and more individuals working remotely are engaging with conversational content as it mimics the team environment they're missing. So, consider focusing on mastering conversational marketing. You can share candid pictures from your workday in stories, create polls that the audience will want to vote on, ask irresistible open-ended questions in updates, or even post about celebrating career milestones. Remember; adopting transparency into your marketing efforts is crucial to be successful on LinkedIn.

Closing Thoughts:

Staying updated on the newest social media trends can help fuel your marketing strategy and make your business stand out in the crowd. So what are you still waiting for? It's time to tap into the latest social media trends to ace your marketing strategy for social media in a dynamic and competitive landscape!