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Web Development Updates To Transport You To The New Era of Programming

Technology is constantly evolving. With the onset of every new year, business owners are coming face to face with new trends, all of which are indeed helping them to stay on top of the game. Much like in the past years, we are forecasting quite a lot of changes to lie ahead in the web development space. If you are brainstorming on how to upgrade your website, which is often referred to as the face of a business, to keep up with the latest web development trends, we have some clues. Go through them to seamlessly transport yourself into the new era of programming.

Latest Web Development Trends For The Year 2020

Let's not beat around the bush anymore and build up the suspense, rather dive right into the trends that every business owner should look forward to.

#1 AMP and prompt web page loading

We are sure everyone's aware of the abbreviation - AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a technology that enables web pages to load quickly on mobile devices. Introduced primarily in response to the universal requirement for instant-loading web pages that are enriched with eye-catching graphics, video, and animations. It is tough to customize, successful implementation can improve the overall loading speed of one's website. The outcome is usually felt in the form of higher engagement on-site and the creation of brand awareness. The year 2020 will be witnessing more of it. Gradually, it's going to add itself to the list of web development basics shortly.

#2 Development expense lowering Modular Design

Integration of the same to a web-page would mean upgrading one's website from a restrictive template and displaying necessary information in a way to leave an impact on the readers. However, this works only on the condition that the UI patterns interlock securely, leaving behind even white spacing and other positives, aimed to lower the development costs significantly.

#3 Better customer support with Chatbots

With businesses gradually switching to AI integration, the significance of chatbots is steadily coming to light. By the end of this year i.e. 2020, people are forecasting it to grow into a number #1 application, ideal for rendering top-notch customer support to all consumers. Moreover, since AI employs bots instead of humans, it's no doubt money-saving - a major reason why businesses are eager to switch to the same soon.

#4 AI and on-spot mitigation of Cybersecurity Risks

With developers learning to integrate AI into everything, be it in image recognition or customer support, there's no doubt that the same shall reign in the upcoming years, starting from 2020 itself. Coming to better prevention of cybersecurity risks threatening businesses around the world, robots as we all know, are far more efficient. More than effectiveness, it operates 24/7, attacking the problem and diffusing the damage on-spot without causing any delay. Hence the keenness among businesses to switch to this cheaper alternative in the coming years by seeking professional web development services.

#5 Rise of mobile traffic with a Responsive Web Design

According to the reports published by Statista, the mobile traffic on a website, having a responsive design, has jumped by 7% in an interval of just one year, starting from the year 2016 to 2017. Given the same, there's no doubt why Google is soon going to launch its first-ever mobile-first indexing. In layman language, the rankings of a desktop site shall soon depend entirely on the mobile site and only those businesses shall thrive, which will have a dynamic serving site.

#6 Voice Search Optimisation

By voice search, we are hinting at Siri on iPhone, Google Assistant on Google, Cortana on Android and so on. The same technology is working its way to add to the convenience of consumers. And since it spells expediency among them, the technology is here to stay for long. Moreover, since it happens mostly from mobile devices, internal integration of the same to one's website shall be more common in the upcoming days.

#7 Attention-grabbing Motion UI

Though it's easy to grab the attention of site visitors, it's hard to engage them for long on one's site. What's even more surprising is that the average attention span of a goldfish is far better than those of humans. This is exactly why the use of motion UI effects are growing among web development companies Dublin. Though the outcomes are still suspense and yet to reveal by the end of 2020/2021, the trend is likely to continue for a while and on being successful, it shall soon transport you to the new era of programming.


It's time to upgrade your website to a robust, fast-loading and more relevant one. If you are planning to do so, don't forget to stick by all the futuristic integration mentioned above. By adhering to them, you shall not only differentiate yourself from your competitors but also set the bar high up for them to reach. A successful implementation shall swiftly carry you to the new era of programming.